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Tea Party for Primary Teachers

Year 7 invited their primary school teachers to Heston

 Past students from Heston Primary with Headteacher Berkeley Primary past students with teachersYear 7 students hosted a Tea Party for teachers from three of their previous schools: Berkeley Primary School, Heston Primary School and Westbrook Primary School.

The students welcomed their primary school teachers to the party in Heston’s Learning Resource Centre after school on Tuesday 21st October. Afternoon tea of sandwiches, cakes, cookies and drinks was enjoyed by teachers and students as they talked about life at their “new” school as well as reminiscing about their “old” school.

 Westbrook Primary past students with teacher Heston Primary ex students with teacher

These Year 7 students have settled in very well at Heston and their views on what can be a quite daunting prospect of starting at secondary school and their fond memories of their primary schools was summed up well by one student who said: “I do miss my old school but I love Heston!”

 Westbrook past students with teacher Heston Primary ex-students with teacher