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New Roles for Drama & Music Reps At Heston ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

At Heston, we know how fun and engaging Music and Drama are for many of our students. Some of our most ambitious and dedicated actors and musicians are now acting as Reps for these expressive Arts; they now wear a purple badge to show that they have taken on this role. 

Over the coming months, the Reps will not just perform but also help to promote our Spring Concert and an upcoming Year 9 Production of extracts from An Inspector Calls.  

The reps enjoy their regular lessons in Music and Drama, and also attend the various clubs that are on offer as part of Enrichment which currently include: a Year 7 Drama Club, a Year 9 Drama Club, Guitar Ensemble, Choir, School Band, and individual instrument lessons through Hounslow Music Service such as the saxophone, keyboards, clarinet and drums. 

Taking part in the expressive Arts is relaxing, confidence-boosting and great for working on team projects.  

Some reps can see themselves pursuing a career based around their talents. Raveena in 9W says, ”In the future I see myself going into Music and Drama. When I act and sing, I feel so confident, it makes me feel a lot better about myself. When I'm older I'm thinking of becoming an actress or a singer, or combine both and star in a musical. I have also chosen to do music and drama for GCSEs.”  

The hard work that is involved means the reps get real satisfaction when the final performance comes together. Harshal, in 9P, says "Drama club involves putting hours and hours of work into something, but we watch it all pay out. It makes me a more creative person and helps me to think in different ways by working with people I wouldn't normally mix with.”  

Leila, in 10B, understands the advantages that taking part in Music gives her and says, “It will be good for my CV when I apply for colleges and universities.  I know I have to talk about my extra-curricular interests in my application letter and at interviews. Being in the choir has helped me develop my social skills and my public performing skills.” 

Music and Drama make students feel better. Aoife in 9Y says, “I find the Arts a good distraction, they help me to feel free and to express how I feel.”

Emanuele in 9Y says, "I am really looking forward to performing in the Spring Concert.”

Ryan, in 8O, performed in a band with older students in Heston’s Cultural Fusion Show this year. He says, "taking part makes me feel more a part of the community.”

Emilija in 7O says, ”I enjoy playing the guitar and singing in the choir, also I used to play the piano which I really enjoyed.” 

Marlon, in 8B feels, “Acting is really fun and  makes me less stressed. Music is also calming. I play the guitar.”

Izabella, in 7B, agrees, ”I know that I can be myself and don't have to worry about anything else.” 

Jugvir in 7O enjoys doing Drama because he says, "It allows me to meet and work with new people.” 

Inderpreet in 8B believes, ”Drama inspires me to be creative and become more confident. Everyone should have a try in drama and just have fun with it! "