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Heston Student Places 3rd in RSPCA Young Photographers Competition​​​​​​​

I would say that photography is my hobby because whenever I see something that looks appealing, I take the opportunity to capture it. Thus, when I first found out about the annual RSPCA Young Awards where anyone up to the age of 18 can enter for free, I asked myself of why not giving this a go? As a result, I sent in my entry last August and looked forward to the best. I then received a response indicating that one of the photographs was shortlisted for a category. I was thrilled because this is a national competition where many skilled photographers enter it too. So, getting a photo shortlisted was an incredible achievement. In addition, to then win the Mobile Phone and Devices 16-18 category was unimaginable. Hence, this accomplishment has driven my motivation to keep on with my hobby.  

Please see below for the image description that accompanied the photo in the exhibition:

The story behind the photo is that I was on my phone at night and I noticed a fly around a lamp. The fly seemed to stay around the edge of the lamp as it was attracted to the light. I realised that if I take a photo from the right angle, I will be able to depict the light bulb as if it was the sun and the silhouette of the edge of the lamp as the ground, thus seeming as if it is the sunset. Hence, the name 'Time to sleep'. Overall, I really liked how this picture turned out with the silhouette of the fly. 

Palvin Fernandes 13B