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Hounslow Girls Basketball Tournament November

Heston Girls Basketball Team have done it again, out-skilling their rivals! 

After a victorious basketball game, in which Heston won the finals against Lampton, we interviewed two of our year 10 players to get some more insight on the successful game. 

With a total of six matches within a span of five hours, the Heston Basketball team tirelessly competed against Cranford, Lampton, Kingsley Academy and St Mary's, winning every single match! 

As the finals came around, most of the Basketball girls reported feeling quite nervous and sensing an intense atmosphere in the air. In the end, although this was to prove the fiercest round, it also turned out to be the match the team was proudest of. 

We asked two of our star players from Year 10 about practice, Anerly stated “We work on their basketball skills at least 3 times a week” and Rihanna told us, she is “Aspiring to go on and play officially for England when I’m older.” 

The girls stated that they thought the game was “decent” and that they could have improved on their defence and energy as a team. Either way, they agreed that, if given the chance to, they would do it again. 

Rihanna added, "Never give up, continue trying when times get hard" and Anerly agreed, ‘Keep your head up, even if you’re scared or worried about something’. 

The girls also mentioned there being some key players. They told us that Year 10 student Angelina took on the role as Captain and carried the team. Amari [Year 9] never gave up and scored most of the goals. Impressively, the Year 7s played against Year 10s.  

Congratulations to the girls' basketball team for winning the tournament. You are truly amazing, and also thanks to your dedicated coach. 

Hajiira Awais and Hanan Adan, [8R]