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Y13 Economics Trip

Recently, the Economics department took us to the Emmanuel Centre for a series of Economic lectures. The lectures helped us to re-shape the way we see economics based on what we have been learning in class.  We heard from world renowned economists such as Linda Yueh, the author of “The Great Economists”, talked in some depth about the history of economic thought; Dr Stephen Davies, who gave us his perspective on trade policies and the nature of money and Dr Matt Prichard, who talked about rational decision making by humans. 

Through understanding the history behind the economists, we were able to develop our knowledge on key economic theories, which we can now use our essays and exam questions. It was exciting to hear external speakers discuss topics that we have been taught in the classroom, as it highlighted the true relevance and applicability to the real life. We came across a lot of new information that would help us apply our understanding to industries and firms such as Uber.

The biggest takeaway from this trip was truly the rich data that we were able to gather, which will now aid us when we sit our exams.  We came out of the talk with a much better understanding of how economics is used in the real world and how it can help us progress further. Experiences like these are extremely enriching, giving us real life application to develop our knowledge on the subject.

Baheen Butt [13D] and Mansour Celab [13D]

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