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British Sign Language At Heston

This term we have introduced British Sign Language [BSL] classes for both adults and students. A select few students, hearing and deaf, have been able to attend BSL classes once a week.

Here are some of their accounts of their classes:

“My lessons in BSL have been most enjoyable; I love learning about the language and communicating with everyone using sign is fun. My sign language teacher teaches us very well and repeats words, so we can understand things properly, and she’s very good at what she does. So far, we have learnt about the alphabet and a few words like the names of fruits and veg, the names of family members and more! I’m so glad that I have had the opportunity to do this course and I am so glad I have, at least, a little bit of knowledge about British Sign Language.” – Simrit Bhamra 7B

“The BSL is fun! I am learning so many new things there, it is good! Very interesting and nothing went wrong because my friends were there and it is fun!” – Julia Mwangi 7B

“In BSL I’ve learnt the alphabet and how to fingerspell certain words like fruits, for example: strawberry and melon. To test our knowledge we do games to answer the questions. In BSL, I feel like I can learn more about BSL. I’ve learnt how to fingerspell my name as well. BSL stands for British Sign Language and for other countries the sign language is different. I hope to continue learning more.” Tamana Kukrija 7B