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Black History Art Competition

It is important that students should learn about the history of all peoples especially appropriate in a school such as Heston. The Black History Art Competition held during Black History Month helped us all to learn more about black history and to recognise the contributions they have made to the United Kingdom. 

I chose Nichelle Nicholes as my person of choice as I had heard of her name but never really investigated her history and achievements. Nichelle was one of the first black woman to be part of the main cast in a TV show in the 80s and 90s. The TV show she played a role in was called Star Trek. This was a groundbreaking achievement for a woman of colour at that time. 

This inspired me to put planets, stars and aliens in the background, to really promote the role she played in Star Trek which was Communications Officer on the deck of the spaceship. I used my artistic skills learnt in lessons along with the pencils to create a shaded look on her shirt, face and hair and markers in the background. 

I enjoyed creating this piece and learning more about an influential black woman. 

Snehdeep Dhaliwal, 7G.