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Social Enterprise

Over the last few weeks we have been taking part in a social enterprise project, run by Hounslow Action for Youth Association (HAY).  I have gained a great deal of insight into the practical side of business management, which has really helped develop my understanding of what I have been learning in my A Level Business course.  The aim of the project is to help us develop a business idea and then bring our concept to life.  I was struggling to start with but with the help of the facilitators, Bijal and Pareece, I gained confidence and came up with a few ideas that I could run with.  The main thing I have taken away from the project so far is the importance of innovation.

HAY taught an important mantra: “Passion + problem-solving = business idea”. Most of us have now formed a business idea, and soon we will be moving on to the production stage. Hopefully, with the support of Bijal and Pareece we will be able to launch our products at a Business Fair in Wembley in the near future.   

Zunaira Samadi [12C]