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Spark T Level Workshop

Opting to do T-level Management & Administration in the Sixth Form, gave me the opportunity to attend a workshop, hosted by Spark, a work experience provider for local schools. The aim of the workshop was to work on our employability and interview skills. Spark are based in GSK on the Bath Road, so often have experiences of interviews and the recruitment process in general. We learnt about presenting ourselves as a personal brand unique from others by developing the skill of persuasiveness. Spark used a very hands-on approach during the workshop.  We all had to take it in turns to convince others that our chosen flavour of crisps was the best.  The task seemed daunting at first, but as we progressed we became more at ease and were able to express ourselves with a degree of confidence.  The experience was insightful and most importantly it help us to build our employability skills, which will no doubt be useful in the future. 

Wasi Syed [T-Level Management & Administration - Year 12]