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Open Day

This year in our school, we had the Open Morning and Evening, which was different to what we had in the past. Parents came in with their children to view our school to see what it is like inside, and to experience a variety of subjects being taught.

All the parents I guided thoroughly enjoyed the environment of our school and more importantly, the children were excited, and were looking forwards to coming to Heston.

I enjoyed talking to new people and telling them about my experiences in school, and welcoming them hoping they consider Heston to send their child to.

Alishma Fernandes.

I was one of the tour guides on Open Morning and Evening. This year was quite different to previous years as we held an Open Morning where parents and their children got a presentation from our Headteacher, Mr Ranjit Berdesha, on our school and how it operates. We had some current and past students gave a speech about their experiences and achievements in our school which was so inspirational to listen to. After the speeches were done, in Open Morning, the Year 11s took a group of parents and children around the whole school while lessons were taking place and gave the parents a glimpse at what their child’s education would be like by entering a few classes and talking to some teachers. After the tour, all the parents and guides entered the main hall for some snacks and beverages while the teachers and guides were floating around, communicating with the parents and answering any unasked questions that they had.

In the evening, once again, Mr Berdesha gave his presentation and the students gave their speeches in front of 200+ people. After the speeches, the guides [ranging from Year 8 – 11] took a group of parents and children around the whole school and into classrooms where separate presentations on each department were taking place, such as the Maths and English department, while the teachers were interacting and answering any questions that the parents had such as the curriculum. The department that caught most of the children's eye was the Science department as many experiments were taking place that the Science teachers and Sixth Formers were conducting.

While I was giving my tour, I got a lot of great feedback from the parents on how much they loved how the school looked as a whole and how they were in awe as they saw the number of students on the Hogarth wall that achieved such amazing grades and the universities they went to. The atmosphere around the school in the morning and evening was energetic as the parents and children were so eager to learn about the school and pleased to have the ability to ask their guides that have been in this school for many years about what they think about the school and what their personal experiences have been.

Kiranpreet Gill Year 11