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Summer Music Concert

Last evening one of the most anticipated events of our calendar took place – Heston Community School’s Summer Music Concert. The entire audience were overwhelmed by the vast array of musical talent within our school community.  There were classical as well as contemporary pieces performed by students from all key stages and each was well received by the enthused crowd. Among the performers were the School Choir, pianists, guitarists, saxophones, drums, singers, and of course the beloved music teachers who helped bring everything together The effort, work and dedication put in by these students and the Music Department in order to deliver such an exceptional evening is to be highly praised. Choosing a favourite would be extremely difficult as all the acts were incredible. If I had to pick one under duress, I would choose 'Drums Performance'. I would like to take this moment to congratulate and thank all the evening’s performers and extend a special thanks to all parents and well-wishers who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend. I am eagerly waiting to see you all perform in the new school year.

Gurpreet Arora [Head Boy]