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Year 7 Visit Heston Library

At Heston Community School, students are encouraged to read as widely as possible and to utilise their on-site library for their English lessons. In order to further enrich their reading experiences, we decided to schedule a trip to Heston Library, for all of Year 7, where students could explore a range of fiction in a larger setting and deepen their appreciation of different genres.  

'During one of our English lessons, we had the exciting opportunity to visit Heston Library! There is a range of genres and a wide variety of books at Heston Library. It was very easy to locate what types of books we were looking for because the library was very well-organised with the different categories in alphabetical order. The library has books for every age and there is something for everyone! There are a lot of challenging books for anyone who wants to improve their literacy skills or just simply change their reading habits. We also saw that the library provides study guides, computers and free Wi-Fi for people who want to use that space to revise.  

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Heston Library. The environment was very peaceful, and the staff were very helpful. Many of us left with membership forms in our hands, hoping to sign up and get a library card very soon!' 

Eisha Gounder [7O] and Diya Khosla [7Y]