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National Reading Quiz Final

I was really excited when I was told that we were going to take part in the National Reading Quiz. The regional heats took place at school, in the library via Microsoft teams. We all worked hard as a team, only to find out we won!! This meant that we got to take part in the finals, with schools from all across the UK. On the day of the finals, we arrived at school at 8am and took the tube to Central London, where the finals would be. When we arrived, I was amazed that even though all the schools were competing against each other, we all had something in common - our love of reading! There were 10 rounds of 10 questions each, and we all worked together to do our best. During the lunch break, we were given some books and bookmark to take home. Also, there was food, hot drinks and lots of snacks to keep us energised and ready for the last few rounds. When the final round ended, I saw the relief on everyone's faces. There was a very interesting interview with author Patrice Lawrance. We also had a special message sent from author Michael Morpurgo, wishing us luck for the competition. We came 19th out of over 300 schools! 

Jasia Kwokova 8Y

Congratulations to Prem Ghatora, Himat Rai, Jasia Kwokova, and Sylvie Maclean.