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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Silver DofE Expedition 

Over the half-term, the Year 12 Duke of Edinburgh Award participants completed a three-day expedition in Ashdown Forest. Students hiked, camped and cooked in the Forest and managed to endure heavy rain and even hail!

I am very proud of their determination and resilience in making it through the assessment.

Mr A Juriansz [DofE Leader]


"Waking up to the sound of hundreds of birds chirping was a surreal experience" - Kareena Yr 12

"By challenging myself, by taking on DofE, I took on a thrilling experience of walking for great distances using a map to guide my team and the joy within camping and starting up a camp fire!" - Anisha Yr 12

"My most memorable experience of this DofE expedition was definitely the instance where our group was being threatened by cows. The campfire on the first night was also a wholesome moment where we were all gathered together roasting marshmallows and discussing the day we had experienced." - Maria Yr 12


"My favourite moment from the DofE expedition is when my team and I were chased by cows/bulls, it was a frightening, but thrilling experience as my whole team was able to have a laugh while running back to reach another, safer part of the footpath. Other memorable moments included the campfire and roasting marshmallows while talking to my friends about the day we had encountered. If I was to redo this trip, the only thing I would've changed is making sure we spread out our walking distance evenly instead of doing 7 hours on the first day which made us very tired. However, it was a lovely experience and I would definitely remember the moments we experienced on the trip." - Manroze Yr12