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Twisted Tales - Beyond the Tale Writing Competition

Forty Four Year 10 students have become published authors for the 'Beyond the Tale' writing competition.

I have always loved twisted horror stories and I was excited to get a chance to write one. I think I did really well with the short story because it left questions for the reader. I took a bit of time, and it was a challenge to write a story in 100 words or less, but I was pleased with my submission, “Forever”. I’m happy that other people from other schools can see my work and I’m looking forward to reading other stories too. 

Here is my Twisted Tale:


Along the floor I spread litres of gasoline. It smelt wonderful. Sobbing beside me was a lady tied to a wall. Ignoring her cries, I walked out of the house, a lit match between my fingers. Kaboom! I did it. I killed her and the others; they were the ones coming after me after all... I made her house explode in vibrant colours of red and yellow. She deserved it, they deserved it. They all betrayed me. I told her I'd seek revenge one day and here I am now. After everything she's done to me... now... they're gone... forever.

Aisha Hajiadam [10Y]