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Year 12 Super Learning Day Interview and CV Workshop

The Year 12 students were given the opportunity to work with Dale from My Great First Job for Super Learning Day.  This was a great opportunity as we talked about the skills needed to when applying for a job, apprenticeships and even universities.

We went through a range of activities where we were taught how to sell our skills and what employers are looking for us in order to hire us. We learnt that the work experience we are all trying to access now is practical to the career we want to pursue in the future, for example as I am a sales advisor, I was able to learn that the skills such as communication, honesty, organisation and listening has developed me as a person.  He also showed me how to sell my skills in my interviews and be seen as more employable.  It was interesting as he helped me to see how the skills I am currently developing links to my future career of pursuing law where I will have to be able to communicate with clients, remain positive and be a good listener.

In addition, we went over the types of questions that could be asked during interviews and questions to ask the interviewer. This has helped me to understand the way to present myself and enhancing my position as a candidate to be considered.

Anisha Nareydoo 

Year 12