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Super Learning Day - Design and Technology Workshop

For Design Technology Super Learning Day we had two tasks to complete by the end of the day. The first one was a 800mm by 800mm marble maze. The maze had to be solved by two students tilting the board to move the marble inside the maze. We worked in three teams of four. We started to plan out the design of our maze to scale on grid paper, and brought the best parts of the four designs onto our Final Design of the maze. After that we had to make an actual model of it. We had one person plotting the walls, one person gluing the walls to the base with glue gun and two cutting the soft wood to the right size.

The second activity planned in Design Technology Super Learning Day was even more fun, but really difficult. We designed a Marble Run Challenge.  I was really proud of my teams work. 

Swillen Fernandes [10B]