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Extra Curricular Clubs


“Year 7 Girls’ Book club is very fun because you get to read and express your thoughts of the book to others around you. Book club is supportive because it tries to engage us to read books and book club is helpful because it shows people the fun in books and encourages them to read new books.” Eveleen Thandi 


“I am so glad I got the chance to join Art Club. Art Club is fun. At the moment, we are sculpting with soap to make a snail shell! I find art relaxing and I hope to learn various art techniques.”  Vikram Singh 


“Coding Club is helpful and interesting. Since I first joined the club, coding has really developed my cognitive skills by teaching me to solve problems by looking at the problem from a different perspective. All the skills that I have learnt from coding might help me to tackle any future challenges that I face with a critical way of thinking.”  Renaya Singh 


“Street dance is fun and great for my wellbeing. It is also a good way to keep fit and have fun at the same time with your friends.”  Wiktoria Leonowicz 


“Humanities Club is really useful because it makes you want to develop your social and debating skills which can be useful in the future and will make lots of GCSEs easier because you are used to thinking in a questioning way.”  Aleeza Khokar 

'' Since I have been attending Humanities Club, I feel that I've gained a wider range of debating and expository skills. In the club, Mr Velliyattil enjoys teaching us about current news affairs, history and more! The sessions are fun, engaging, and we certainly learn a lot. Humanities Club has helped me gain confidence and develop my knowledge of the world around me.”  Jassia Kwokova 


“I really do enjoy running club as I believe that running is one of the best forms of exercise anyone can do, and it's available to anyone for free! Also, it is not the same repetitive running that everyone may think it is, running non-stop for an hour. Instead, we alternate between long distance, short distance and even then, Mr Juriansz always finds a way to keep it interesting.”  Kevin Afonso