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The transition from primary school to secondary school can be challenging for some students. This year, the impact of the pandemic has increased this challenge. Students transitioning to secondary school this year may have missed a significant proportion of face-to-face teaching and, therefore, valuable preparation for secondary education. In order to combat these challenges Heston ran a Summer School from 09 - 13 August and 16 - 20 August. The Summer School provided students with face-to-face academic support and wellbeing activities. Academic activities included English, Mathematics and Science while wellbeing sessions involved sports, team building, art and a fun fair at the end of each week. In addition, our new students were given an opportunity to meet some staff and fellow students before starting with us in September.

We were very pleased to welcome 185 of out of our 205 students over the two-week period.  It was a fun-filled two weeks, where the students made a number of new friends and, as a result, the Year 7s have had a smooth transition to secondary school. 

What did the students think?

"I enjoyed the transition week at school because it gave me the chance to meet new people who could be in my class. When I then came to school in September, I knew more people who I could hang around with. Also, I was more familiar with the school building, so I was less likely to get lost. It made the transition to secondary school less scary. I really enjoyed the fair on the last day — there were lots of really fun rides. I also found the different things that we learned really interesting." 


"I am going to tell you about my amazing transitional week in Heston Community School. We did a lot of incredible things in this marvellous week. My experience in my new journey of school was very welcoming I would like to thank all the teachers especially Mr Berdesha for giving me that opportunity to come and carry my education in this incredible school. The fun fair they had organised for all of us was the best fun fair I have ever been to. I would never forget what this school has done for me. It was the best decision to come to this school. I would recommend to all those students who want to come to an amazing school."


"I would like to share my week at Heston Community summer school. I had this spectacular opportunity to come to my new secondary school. This was an amazing time we played and I was very welcomed into the school. We had very tough times during lockdown and this experience was refreshing. My favourite event was the fun fair were there was bumper cars, crazy golf, tea cups and a carousel.  The major surprise was the candy floss, the popcorn and an ice cream van! If the possibility was given again, I would definitely attend again and recommend to other students coming to Heston Community School!"


"My Heston summer school experience was absolutely epic, I loved the size of the school and the fact that it had three buildings was really cool too. The teachers were really nice to me, and I made lots of new friends. The teachers that really stuck in my head was Miss Kimber, Mr McGarrell and Miss Farmer these were actually my favourite lessons because the teachers were really nice, and the lessons were really fun. I also liked the size of the field as it was so big and on the last day, we had a big fun fair and it was really fun." 


"I really enjoyed summer school because I got the chance to do one or more lessons of all the subjects that I am now doing. Also, the teachers were really friendly to me and all my classmates. I especially enjoyed P.E because we played netball in a group of six, which was super fun, and it was my first lesson on Monday, which made it a good start to the week. On Friday, after lunch we had the fun fair, it was really fun because it’s not like you get to go to a fun fair in school. I especially loved the fact that there was bumper-cars, candyfloss station, cups and a duck-and-prize stand."


"My time was enjoyable and inquisitive as many questions we may have had were answered and we had five days to develop small friendships with fellow Year 7s before the actual September through October term. We did small games, whilst still being aware and prepared of basic knowledge required for lessons and through the time, we got to know some teachers who would be around the school. In summary, it was an amazing time preparing us for Year 7."