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Our new Sixth Form Centre was ready to welcome students on the 06 September.  Students worked in the Hall for the Summer Term to facilitate the renovations, and they have all settled well into their newly refurbished space.

Here are some student views:

The Sixth Form Centre is a beautiful, large and airy work space.  Being able to work in that silence has helped me a lot especially as I find it easier to work at school rather than at home.  I am also happy that I can stay until 4:30pm each day and get much more work done.

Diana Galawinge Year 12

The refurbishment of the Sixth Form Centre has changed the dynamics in terms of the way students in Year 12 and year 13 work. The vast number of new computers facilitate students when pursuing various aspects of research in their subjects. The beautifully designed tables offer a comfortable work space for students to continue with their studies where this provides them with the opportunity to work in small groups or independently. The artwork adorning the walls was created by Heston's vibrant art community.  They are incredible, cathartic and aesthetically pleasing to look at. They have uplifted the space and made it more vibrant and colourful, whilst creating a sense of calmness contrasting with the intensity of Sixth Form. Furthermore, students are welcome to stay after school to continue working if they need to, offering them with the facilities and supervision to do so. The Sixth Form Team have utilised the Sixth Form Centre as a place for Year 13 students to work on and refine their personal statements from Tuesday to Thursday.  This 1:1 support has been fantastic.

Puneet Bansal Head Girl