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On 06 July CT Policing launched an online ‘drop-in’ clinic on Netmums. It will be open for six weeks to allow everyone the opportunity to ask questions about Prevent and seek advice about radicalisation and extremism.

Not all children are vulnerable to radicalisation but some are, and every parent and carer needs to know the potential risks and what to look out for. The forum will assist in understanding this better, but there are also informative articles on the Netmums website to find out how to make your child digitally savvy to help protect them and help make them more resilient to potential risks. There is also advice on how to have a conversation with your child about the potential risks of radicalisation as you would with drugs, sexting and child sexual exploitation.

We are here to help and to listen. You will not be wasting our time. The earlier you tell us your worries, the quicker we can get help for the person you care which will protect them from being groomed and radicalised.

Go to Netmums to read the forum []

Find out more by visiting or If you are concerned act early and seek advice from the advice line on 0800 011 3764