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Cambridge Talk

On 11 October, twenty-five of the more able Year 9 students attended a talk introducing them to the University of Cambridge. Students developed their understanding of historical background of the prestigious university, as well as what is required to study at one of the top 10 universities in the world. Our students had the opportunity to learn about the varying structures of university courses, and the significant focus on independent learning that is required at this level.

Fergus Powel [School Liaison Officer, Homerton College] provided an inspiring introduction to higher education and the incredible opportunities that reading a course at the University of Cambridge can offer. 

Student comments:

‘The talk was very inspiring and it made me think about my future, and has encouraged me to push myself even harder to reach my goals.’

‘The talk increased my understanding of the requirements to succeed when studying at university and the importance of independent study.’

‘It was insightful and has further encouraged me to go to university. The talk has made me think about my future in greater depth.’