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Ugandan Volunteer

Miss Dua is volunteering this summer ... find out how you can help too

Miss Iena Dua, a Spanish and French Teacher at Heston, is going to be using her teaching skills in Uganda during the summer as a much needed volunteer.   

Volunteer Uganda focuses on supporting the community in the Bwindi district of rural southwest Uganda. Here, over 90% of the population live on less than a dollar a day, fertility rates exceed 8 children per woman and there is a shortfall of qualified teachers, resulting in class sizes of up to 70 children.

The mission is to help bring about permanent, sustainable development through educational infrastructure development, job creation, health promotion and volunteering.

 Miss Dua (pictured right) said: “I will be spending four weeks working alongside teachers to help them improve their practice and give their future generation an opportunity to have a fully formed education to increase their chances of success in this ever so competitive world. Any sponsorship anyone can give would be great and help me help Uganda!”

To support Miss Dua click here: