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Jack Petchey winners announced

Well done to the winners who now have to decide how to spend £200 each!

 Jack Petchey winners in Hogarth

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey award winners pictured above with Ms Aefifa Razzaq and Ms Holly Dinkha, Heston’s Jack Petchey Coordinators. Details of the reasons why the awards were presented to these students are outlined below. They will each receive £200 to fund an activity of their choice for a group of their friends, a certificate and a badge as well as being invited to the annual Jack Petchey Celebration Evening.  

The winners are:

 Shraddha Year 7 winnerShraddha Pandey - 7 Green: A successful start to Year 7. Shraddha was nominated by teachers and students for her outstanding ability to help others. Shraddha is very organised, kind and helpful to others. Munum Year 7 winner

Munum Butt - 7 Red: Munum is a positive role model, making an excellent start to Year 7. He takes responsibility for his learning and his actions. Munum puts 100% effort into all that he does. He is a very organised student and gets along with everyone in his class.

 Armani & Sumayyah Year 8 winnersSumayyah Khan – 8 Blue: Sumayyah is a kind, mature and hard working student. She is eager to excel academically and takes on challenges with open arms.

Armani Malik - 8 Red: Armani was nominated by people in her form for being helpful, conscientious and inspiring. Armani is very organised and academically supports those in her class.
 Harjeet Year 9 winner


Harjeet Kaur - 9 Orange: Harjeet copes well with adversity and works well both inside the classroom and in extra-circular activities.


 Manasa & Ayda Year 10 winnersManasa Chakka - 10 Yellow: Manasa was nominated by 37 people in Year 10 for being someone that went above and beyond to help others. Manasa is a positive role model around the School; she is a great team player and is always on hand to help others with their school work.

Ayda Msabah - 10 Yellow: Ayda demonstrates a positive work attitude and is always helping others exceed in their academic abilities. Ayda independently seeks help in order to develop her studies.

 Thenu & Julia Year 11 winnersThenu Nadarajah - 11 Red: Thenu was awarded Jack Petchey for his ability to demonstrate a positive work ethic, he is hard working and an inspiration to other hearing impaired students.

Julia Kumar - 11 Blue: Julia is a positive role model to students across the School; she has a resilient attitude towards work and extra-curricular activities. Julia is able to inspire students to participate in cultural events that the School hosts; she puts 100% effort into all that she does.