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Jasleen's "most rewarding project"

Sixth Form students entertain visitors with food, song and dance

 Visitors students and teachers enjoying refreshements

Sixth Form students and teachers entertained visitors from Norwood Green Care Home in the LRC. Food and drinks were provided and as well as chatting with our visitors a  game using a giant ball full of questions was used to break the ice before the students performed various songs and dances for the appreciative visitors.

 Jasleen with visitorsThe event was organised by Sixth Form student, Jasleen Kaur (pictured left), who raised money for the event as well as managing the whole project from start to finish as part of her BTEC Business Course. Jasleen explains below why she chose this project and what was involved:

“This project meant a lot to me, and I was looking for an opportunity to organise this event from the point when I realised that Siners perform for visitors we may sometimes neglect those who have years of wisdom. It hit me then that it would be an exceptional eye opener if I could find a way to organise an event that would allow the elderly people to meet with and talk to the young people here at Heston Community School, so that we can all learn from and share with each other. This is why I approached ‘Norwood Green Care Home’ manager to discuss my plans. After getting a positive response from the manager, I identified the need to raise a sufficient amount of funds with an intention to make the event a huge success.

And this is whenvInspired logo I came to know about ‘vInspired’, which is an independent charity dedicated to finance opportunities to help young people volunteer in their local communities. I applied for the funding and got accepted, and then I worked on all the arrangements for the event that included dance (Jasleen pictured below far right was also one of the performers) and singing performance, along with light refreshments and games for the elderly peo Jasleen (right) with fellow dancers)ple. 

Organising this event was the most rewarding project I’ve ever worked on, and through this I got the opportunity to work with and learn from great people. Bringing people together is a fantastic feeling and being the reason behind why someone’s happy is something that I will never be able to describe.

I wish to thank the many people at the school, who all collaborated to make this afternoon, wonderful and memorable. In addition, I would like to see this kind of event being organised more often in the upcoming years at the school, and I would absolutely love to be the part of it.”  

Jasleen Kaur - Sixth Form 13E