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Student Council

The "full" School Council plan ahead

 The School Council

Sixth Formers Omar Hijazi and Harveena Padda have been appointed as Heads of the Student Council on the Senior Student Team and they are both very keen to have a strong School Council. They commented: “After numerous discussions with students, senior teachers and former council members, it was very clear and evident that a strong student council is essential for every school.”

 Omar & HarveenaOmar and Harveena (pictured right) recently outlined their plans to the “full” School Council which is made up of representatives from every Tutor Group and numbers over 80 students. They introduced other newly appointed members of the Senior Team who talked about their particular area of interest e.g Charities and Sport.


Various sub-groups were created made up of representatives from each Year and it is hoped that this focus will result in a much more efficient Student Council. Omar summed up this new structure: “To make meetings more productive and organised, and to help targets become more easily achievable there are now different roles amongst the School Council which include head of school council, head of events, head of sports an School Council badged many more. These members will all be working with their Year Groups, Learning Co-ordinators and the Senior Student Team, making our school live up to the "community" part in its name.”