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  • Heston students to become published poets

    Published 22/11/21

    Heston Students have taken part in a national poetry writing competition, hosted by ‘Young Writers’. Students were asked to write a poem on a topic they felt passionate about, giving them the opportunity to project their voice to the world and speak their truth. It was delightful to see many submissions entered from Heston, and the following students’ poems were selected for publication in the Young Writer’s Poetry Anthology for 2022:

    Chaya Gogar, Victor Odametey, Waseem Naqvi, Umayyah Samadi, Zainab Razvi, Heer Aoja, Anita Misra, Alisha Rizwan, Manwinder Pannu, Harshal Lond, Jaania Kanwar, Navdeep Singh, Matilda McKiegue, Ahlam Ali, Damanpreet Saghal and Suleiman Khan.

    Well done, everyone! Here is the entry by Chaya Gogar [8G]:

    'I thought I heard it'

     I thought I heard it up on the hills,

    The highs and lows gave me the chills.

    All the joyful peace in my life it fills,

    Any sadness in me it always kills.

    It flows like the water in a beautiful river

    Piercing my heart like a wooden sliver,

    It kills my empty soul like arrows in a quiver.                                                                                   

    You can find more information on the poetry competition here:

    Not only does writing make you and others feel happy, but it is also an effective way to express your opinion. Writing is an essential skill used in everyday life from preparing for a job interview to writing letters to the tooth fairy!

    Alisha Rizwan [10G]

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  • Spooky Stories Competition

    Published 22/11/21

    During October, to express the Halloween excitement, a spooky story competition took place. Students were encouraged to put pen to paper and let their imagination free as they created thrilling short stories that sent shivers down spines. I would like to congratulate Prem Ghatora [8R] on his story called “Her.”

    Here is an extract…

    “Breathless. Exhausted. Frederick’s breathing grew heavy. His chest ached. His head throbbed. Sweat trickled down his temples. To be honest, he was drenched in sweat. His legs were sore yet he still kept running. The barren dead trees around him made him feel small, weak. While tough gusts of wind pushed him away, the crow song could be heard in the distance. He could hear the rapid unsteady beat of his heart. The air was poisonous and repulsive, making him want to retch. This dismal place made him shiver. His legs were in agony making him want to yell, but he knew he couldn’t stop. Otherwise it would be the end. He couldn’t stop because he was being followed, hunted. By Her… Frederick didn’t even want to recall her name. It made him shudder…”

    Brilliant! As a result of his terrifically terrifying tale, he was awarded a quill writing set, a journal and a collection of stories by Susan Hill. Well done, Prem!

    Alisha Rizwan [10G]

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  • 'The Heston Voice' Student Newsletter

    Published 19/11/21

    The first edition of our new student newsletter, 'The Heston Voice', has just been published to an excellent reception from students and staff. As Chief Editor and designer, Lidia Goonatilaka, along with Co-editor, Roshni Barrass, lead a team of Year 13 students and contributors from across the School. 

    Lidia describes 'The Heston Voice’ as 'informing students on topics from the miraculous way the immune system fends off infection, to the history behind Black History Month. At its core, its aim is to engage students with a myriad of topics [particularly with things outside the classroom] to increase cultural capital, foster an appreciation of the arts, and encourage a fervour for learning. Ultimately, the team hope to connect to and solidify our School as a community, giving students their own ‘Voice’ and the opportunity to share the things they are passionate about.'

    Reader, Jaya Dhillon [7B] commented, 'our School is one of a kind, it buzzes with life, not only in the playground or in the hallways but in the classes too, even maths - believe it or not! If you’re having a bad day, I assure you, the frown that you came to school with will turn into a smile by the end of the day. This newsletter does the same: it brings the school together as one, regardless of heritage, background, or race. In Heston each child really matters.'

    With book recommendations, interesting articles and beautiful art work, please enjoy Issue 1 below. 


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    Published 12/11/21

    Parents of Year 13 students were invited to meet with senior teachers to discuss their child's higher education apprenticeship and career plans for Post 18.  Teachers also discussed attainment in the September UCAS mocks and students had the opportunity to review their targets linked to their first choice university courses and apprenticeships.  Given that there were so few faces-to-face parent meeting over the last eighteen months, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet with parents in person.  Parents also appreciated being able to come into school to meet with teachers and the turnout was excellent as over 90% of parents were in attendance.

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    Published 12/11/21

    Sixth Form Open Evening Thursday 18 November 18:00 - 20:00

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  • New Heston Librarian

    Published 05/11/21

    Mr Slade has worked as a Librarian for over 15 years and is excited to welcome students to our new Learning Resource Centre.

    For KS3 students, Mr Slade recommends books by Anne Fines, Charlie Higson, Roald Dahl and C.S Lewis. For KS4 be recommends books by HP Lovecraft, Rick Yancer, MM Kayes, Malorie Blackman and Isaac Asimov.

    He is currently re-reading the entire Discworld series by Terry Pratchet.

    For more reading recommendations and the opportunity to join book clubs, students should come to the LRC. Students are welcome to at lunchtimes on selected days and every day after-school. 


    Year Group


    Year 7 and Post 16


    Year 8 and Post 16


    Year 9 and Post 16


    Year 10 and Post 16


    Year 11 and Post 16





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    Published 04/11/21

    The 2021 Careers Fair was once again the centrepiece of this term’s activities.  Ms Laing, the School Careers Advisor, worked her usual magic with the support of SPARK.  There were well over twenty organisations representing a wide range of industries.  Some of our industry exhibitors included the Met Police, IPSOS, Glaxo Smith Kline and Mace Construction.  There were also several colleges and universities showcasing what they have to offer for those students approaching transition in Key Stages 4 and 5.

    Parents and students came out in their droves, there was an amazing atmosphere throughout the whole evening and students left the event empowered with more knowledge to help them to make plans for their future education and career goals.




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    Published 04/11/21

    This year’s Senior Student applications were outstanding.  We had nearly thirty applicants, who all prepared exceptional personal statements to support their applications.  The interviews were as impressive and the panel of Senior Teachers were blown away by the preparation that had gone into the interviews and the clarity and eloquence of the presentations. 

    It was exceptionally hard to whittle down the applicants to the 16 required to make up the team but after 2 days of deliberation, the decision was finally made.

    The Team have already begun their work with other year groups as well their specific projects for the academic year.

    Well done to 2021 Senior Team, and we can’t wait to see you leave your indelible mark on the Heston community under the stewardship of Gurpreet Arora [Head Boy] and Maryam Hussein [Head Girl].



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  • More Able Evening

    Published 03/11/21

    On 30 September over a hundred pupils and parents attended Heston's showcase More Able Information Evening. Invited pupils heard an inspiring keynote from an ex-Hestonian, Amrit Ghatora and then went to bespoke sessions tailored to the challenges they will face.

    Our keynote speaker, Amrit Ghatora, an Actuary in the City, spoke about educational and professional journey and the need to be the absolute best you can be at every stage of your educational career.

    Year 7 and Year 8 students and parents were introduced to the School's literacy strategy by our Literacy Lead, Ms Kyriacou, highlighting the importance of reading. Year 9 and Year 10 students and parents had a session on the science of learning and effective revision by the More Able Lead, Mr Ghataura. Year 11 and Year 12 students attended a carousel of ex-Hestonian speakers currently doing degrees in Medicine, Sciences and Humanities, from prestigious universities such as Cambridge and Imperial.  

     "I found the evening amazingly helpful as it showed me different pathways I could follow. I found the talk on medicine particularly interesting. It was inspiring to see so many successful ex-students. I now know the level of intensity I need to put into my studies to be able to succeed."

    Jai Khosla [11G]

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  • New Learning Resource Centre Opens at Heston

    Published 02/11/21

    All students from Year 7 to Sixth Form will find books they will love in our new Library, with a range of diverse books from anime, Shakespeare, action and adventure to historical fiction. Students can use books and ipads to research, take part in book clubs or just use the space as a quiet place to work. I feel honoured to be one of the new Library Monitors and to be part of a school in which it takes reading and literacy very seriously!

    Prem Ghatora [8R]

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    Published 19/10/21

    The transition from primary school to secondary school can be challenging for some students. This year, the impact of the pandemic has increased this challenge. Students transitioning to secondary school this year may have missed a significant proportion of face-to-face teaching and, therefore, valuable preparation for secondary education. In order to combat these challenges Heston ran a Summer School from 09 - 13 August and 16 - 20 August. The Summer School provided students with face-to-face academic support and wellbeing activities. Academic activities included English, Mathematics and Science while wellbeing sessions involved sports, team building, art and a fun fair at the end of each week. In addition, our new students were given an opportunity to meet some staff and fellow students before starting with us in September.

    We were very pleased to welcome 185 of out of our 205 students over the two-week period.  It was a fun-filled two weeks, where the students made a number of new friends and, as a result, the Year 7s have had a smooth transition to secondary school. 

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    Published 19/10/21

    Over 120 Year 6 families visited the School to learn about life at Heston Community School. The families were overwhelmingly positive about their evening’s experiences. Parents and Year 6 students’ expressed a real sense of warmth in the pride that both students and staff displayed as they toured the School. It was particularly pleasing to see so many parents who already have siblings at the School and those from our local community, come and see the new facilities and improvements added since they were last able to come on site.

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