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  • Heston Alumni Career Visits

    Published 15/07/22

    A large contingent of Heston Alumni very kindly visited students to discuss their career paths in the week beginning 11 July.  Students met with Old Hestonians studying Medicine, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Pharmacology, Economics and Mathematics.  They were asked many probing questions about what motivated them to choose their university courses as well as their time at Heston.  We are confident that this will provide some inspiration for our current students that they too can be successful and can achieve well.  Many thanks to the Alumni that visited. 

    I Hall 

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  • Sponge-a-Teacher

    Published 15/07/22

    What better way to raise money for charity other than getting to throw sponges and pies in your teacher’s face?  Students in Year 12 organised the event as part of their coursework assignment and raised money for charity as part of the process.

    The hot summer day was perfect for the event, and I think it was true to say that both staff and students enjoyed themselves.  Student lined up in the many to take part.  The event couldn’t have taken place without the help of the teachers.  A special thank you to Mr O’Hagan, Mr Juriansz, Mr Saib, Mr Naqvi and Ms Forrest.

    N Chhibba




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  • Summer Music Concert

    Published 14/07/22

    Last evening one of the most anticipated events of our calendar took place – Heston Community School’s Summer Music Concert. The entire audience were overwhelmed by the vast array of musical talent within our school community.  There were classical as well as contemporary pieces performed by students from all key stages and each was well received by the enthused crowd. Among the performers were the School Choir, pianists, guitarists, saxophones, drums, singers, and of course the beloved music teachers who helped bring everything together The effort, work and dedication put in by these students and the Music Department in order to deliver such an exceptional evening is to be highly praised. Choosing a favourite would be extremely difficult as all the acts were incredible. If I had to pick one under duress, I would choose 'Drums Performance'. I would like to take this moment to congratulate and thank all the evening’s performers and extend a special thanks to all parents and well-wishers who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend. I am eagerly waiting to see you all perform in the new school year.

    Gurpreet Arora [Head Boy]




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  • Heston Art Exhibition

    Published 14/07/22

    After a two year pause, we are proud to have a 2022 Heston Community School Art and Design Exhibition in the Main Hall, commencing on 11th July, alongside the Summer Music Concert.

    Showing a selection of the work created by Year 11 and Year 13 Art Students for GCSE and A Level Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Photography. 

    Over 145 Students entered for an Art GCSE this year and they produced some highly accomplished and thought-provoking work. Often rooted in their experiences of the Pandemic, family ties, personal identity and wider global issues such as extinction and consumerism. Many explained how their art activities had provided a real escape during periods of lockdown and isolation over the last two years.

    We are very proud of our student’s creative efforts, especially of those Year 13 Students who have been offered places at prestigious Universities to study Fashion Design, Architecture and Graphic Design Degrees.

    Helen Wyglendacz

    DART Curriculum Leader


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  • Institute of Banking and Finance Trip

    Published 13/07/22

    Year 12 BTEC Business students visited the Institute of Banking and Finance on Tuesday, 12 July.  The day was insightful in so many aspects.  Students went on a guided ‘banking’ tour of London.  They visited sites such as Lombard Street, the Bank of England, Insurance Houses, learning about how the Institutes developed London as the financial capital we now know today. 

    After the tour, students went to a small specialised university.  The lecturers there gave our students an insight into the different degree courses they run and university life.  It was certainly inspiring and motivated some of our students to explore jobs in the financial industry.


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  • Year 11 Prom

    Published 12/07/22

    On Friday, 08 July, our Year 11 students celebrated their successes and five-year journey here at Heston at their long-awaited Prom event.

    Students certainly dressed to impress, with many of our gentlemen donning bow-ties, blazers and tailored shirts, and our young ladies being adorned in frills, sparkles and satin.

    Many danced endlessly to the array of music, snapped silly and suave pictures at the photo booth, enjoyed the variety of food on offer and even took home a bespoke leavers' memento. Also featured were our in-house Sixth Form Team, who were a brilliant asset to the day, helped photograph and organise the event.

    Some of our Year 11 students took ownership of creating a Prom that would leave them with a lifetime of memories. From coming in to organise the decorations and balloons to organising a DJ who played a range of up-beat songs, the Year 11s impressed us with their creativity and excitement. We were also able to enjoy the brilliant sounds of our very own Year 11 Dhol players who were able to ensure each student was full of energy and ready for the dance floor!

    The day was a brilliant celebration of dance, food, happiness and laughter galore, waving a [temporary!] goodbye to our students as they enjoy their much-deserved, long summer break.

    Ms S Jassal [Y11 Learning Coordinator]





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  • Sports Day Success 2022!

    Published 12/07/22

    The PE Faculty at Heston Community School hosted Sports Day 2022 on Thursday 07 July. Events ranged from Tug-of-War Battles, to Obstacle Courses and Sack Races, to traditional track and field events. 

    Student participation, commitment and support of this event was amazing! The different Year Groups cheered on their peers, and competed hard for points. 

    Standards were incredibly high, particularly in some races. Some new, all-time School Records were set with Julia Kicka in 7G completing the 200m in 32.31 [the previous record holder managed it in 34.81 in 2014] and Rageh Jaamac in 8Y doing the 300m in 46.85 [the previous record for this set in 2015 was 47.83]. 

    Yellow House won 1st place with the most points overall, White House achieved 2nd place, and Red House came 3rd place. But truthfully, everyone who competed was a winner; a massive well done and thank you to every student who took part is due - you all made this a success! 

    Special thanks also to Mr Fakouri and Mr Saib who provided live commentary for the crowd, race by race, to Ms Wyglendacz, Ms Farmer and Ms Cripps for timekeeping, and to Ms Davies and Ms Jennings for collating the results. 

    We look forward to Sports Day 2023! 

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  • Year 6 into 7 Transition Day

    Published 11/07/22

    On Tuesday, 05 July, we welcomed our new cohort of students to Heston Community School. This day provided students with the opportunity to experience life at Heston Community School, meet key members of staff and, most importantly, meet fellow students and make friends. Fun and engaging ice-breaker and team building activities provided students with the chance to get to know other students in their tutor group. In line with the whole school focus, students engaged in literacy and enrichment activities to prepare them for Year 7 in September. It was wonderful to see such positive engagement, excellent manners and a sense of enthusiasm throughout the day. We hope the students have a restful summer holiday, and we look forward to seeing them in September. 

    Mr Evans - Learning Coordinator

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    Published 08/07/22

    Year 13 students came out in force to the Annual Leavers BBQ this year.  It was amazing to see them in such high spirits and so refreshed after the demands of the public examination season. Their tutors and subject teachers were all on hand to bid them farewell and wish them all the best for September and beyond.  I am sure I saw many tear stained eyes as we reminisced about their seven years at Heston Community School.  Mr Naqvi showed a range of adorable pictures when they started in Year 7 and was able to catalogue in pictures their journey through the school.  He held his tears back, but it was clear he was very emotional; his students were flying the nest! There were several awards and prizes for representatives from each year group and many students were recognised for their contribution to the school life over their time at Heston.

    Bon Voyage Year 13, we will miss you but feel confident that you will make us all proud as you find your way in the world.

    Ms I Hall


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  • Y10 Business Trip

    Published 07/07/22

    Year 10 BTEC Enterprise students had the pleasure of visiting a local business the week beginning 27 June.  The owner of Mimi’s has long established links with the School and has welcomed our students there many a time.  This visit was extra special as it was the first after the pandemic. 

    Students benefited from learning about her journey.  She spoke in depth about the process of setting up a business and the trials and tribulations she faced.   Her experiences were invaluable for our budding entrepreneurs.  Of course, the icing on the cake was that our students got to try Mimi’s mouth-watering food.


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  • The Born Free Great Debate - SOAS University London

    Published 04/07/22

    I was so glad to be picked to attend the KS3 Born Free Great Debate on Wednesday 22nd June at SOAS University London [School of Oriental and African Studies]. While we were there, we watched two lectures. The first speaker (Dominic Dyer) spoke passionately about saving bears, badgers and cattle, and how we can make a difference. We also listened to him talk about how important it is to protest for what we believe in.  

    After the first lecture, we broke off into groups and were given the task of creating an environmental campaign. My group designed a campaign on how palm oil is leading to more and more deforestation, affecting the orangutan population and their habitat. We had to think very carefully about how we could pitch our ideas to our target audience, which was our peers.  

    Lastly, we attended the last discussion of the day which included a group of panel speakers who answered questions from the audience. They all urged us to use our voice and to find a platform as young people, to make a change.  

    I learnt some very interesting facts about why we should save animals and our environment. It was both a very fun and inspiring, educational experience.

    Kalila Yasin 9P


    Born Free launches 'Great Debate' schools initiative to engage future  generation in saving our planet

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  • Year 7 Visit Heston Library

    Published 03/07/22

    At Heston Community School, students are encouraged to read as widely as possible and to utilise their on-site library for their English lessons. In order to further enrich their reading experiences, we decided to schedule a trip to Heston Library, for all of Year 7, where students could explore a range of fiction in a larger setting and deepen their appreciation of different genres.  

    'During one of our English lessons, we had the exciting opportunity to visit Heston Library! There is a range of genres and a wide variety of books at Heston Library. It was very easy to locate what types of books we were looking for because the library was very well-organised with the different categories in alphabetical order. The library has books for every age and there is something for everyone! There are a lot of challenging books for anyone who wants to improve their literacy skills or just simply change their reading habits. We also saw that the library provides study guides, computers and free Wi-Fi for people who want to use that space to revise.  

    Overall, we enjoyed our time at Heston Library. The environment was very peaceful, and the staff were very helpful. Many of us left with membership forms in our hands, hoping to sign up and get a library card very soon!' 

    Eisha Gounder [7O] and Diya Khosla [7Y]



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