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  • Eton Summer School 2024

    Published 11/07/24

    The Eton Summer School was a fantastic way to explore the degree I wish to pursue after A Levels. The courses vary in length, between 3 and 5 days. Sara, Hariny, and I chose the Economics course and Arya chose Chemistry. They are designed to help students with university applications and to delve further into content well beyond our school curriculum, such as the Latin American economy.  

    Students from across London and the South East attended and the lectures simulated what we would experience at university. We were given split into small classes of around 10–14 people, taught by the Eton teachers, and as well as subject-specific lessons, we attended various university applications and career webinars.  We went through personal statements, applying for Oxbridge, soft skills, student finance and an undergraduate Q&A.

    We were given a tour of the School, and it is huge! There is a chapel, a mini museum/gallery, and the boys have their own pub on the high-street! The Eton Summer School enhanced my academic knowledge, and I made many new friends. We were very fortunate to be given this opportunity.  

    Rianna Ludhra [12G]

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    Published 10/07/24

    Huge congratulations to our Year 7 rounders girls who beat The Heathland School 16-10 last week. They have won the league, beating all five teams they have played. Massive well done to Aariya Sharma who won her second player of the tournament award. They have all worked so hard over the past term and showed amazing teamwork skills. If you see the girls around, please congratulate them for all their effort and hard work.

    Team: Ema, Aariya, Sonia, Holly, Amreen, Zarah, Bianca and Heer.


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  • Year 13 Leavers' Barbeque

    Published 01/07/24

    On the 21 June, we said our goodbyes to the Class of 2024. We had a fantastic time during the BBQ, reminiscing about their journey. The Duke of Edinburgh Silver Awards were presented to Moaiad Adam, Dylan Afonso, Jai Kholsa, Ubaid Malik, Omolara Moloney, and Christopher Pontes.

    Teachers nominated students for the Heston Values Awards. We were overwhelmed by the number of deserving students, but the following students stood out since the start of Year 12: 

    • Jaspreet Sarna - Resilience 
    • Kiran Barras - Honesty 
    • Victoria Sowinska - Kindness 
    • Ibrahim Azher - Respect 
    • Kavya Ramachandran - Ambition 
    • Zacchaeus Soares - Equality 

    It was a lovely and memorable conclusion to their journey with us, and we wish them all the best for the future. 




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  • Rounders Update

    Published 28/06/24

    Congratulations to our Year 7 rounders team who beat Lampton 19 - 5 on Tuesday. In hot conditions, they managed to secure a win in both innings, showing hard work and excellent team work skills. Well done to Aariya Sharma for winning a well deserved player of the match. The girls play their last rounders game of the league next week when they will be looking to stay on their winning streak - hoping to win the league. They play Heathlands away next Thursday.

    Our Year 8 girls had a very close game against Green School on Wednesday, where they narrowly missed out with a score of 19 ½ to 15. The girls played very well, having only 7 players. They showed great communication during the game, with Preetika Rajeswaran demonstrating excellent captain's skills. Congratulations to Sumaya Ahmed for winning player of the match with her excellent fielding and batting skills. That ends the year 8 rounders league, but all eyes are on our year 7 next week, when they will be supporting the girls to win the league.

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  • Year 7 production of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone'

    Published 25/06/24

    42 Year 7 students participated in our production of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ on Thursday, 20 June, giving an amazing performance to an audience of 150 parents and students.

    Year 7 also performed to 120 Year 5 and 6 pupils from Heston Primary School on Wednesday, 19 June, as their dress rehearsal. The primary pupils enjoyed the experience of visiting the School and were impressed by the wonderful facilities for Drama afforded by the stage, sound, lighting and space in the Hall. They were also truly spellbound by the play!


    On both occasions, the Year 7 actors’ confidence and commitment were outstanding. Our Sixth Form team also did an excellent job with lighting and sound, as well as serving refreshments to parents in the interval and supporting the Year 7s back stage with costumes and lines. This was a fantastic enrichment experience for all involved.


    Gurnoor Dhawan [Albus Dumbledore] commented: “‘Harry Potter’ was like being in a fantasy; there were so many funny moments and good memories, it is hard to count them. Ms Gould was amazing, she is so kind and nice. Thank you so much.”

    Sonia Arora [Hermione Granger] added: “My experience in the ‘Harry Potter’ play was absolutely amazing. I felt like I was on cloud nine. I loved every single bit of it. Thank you ever so much to the teachers and Sixth Formers who put so much effort into the show.”

    Bianca Bolbocean [Ron Weasley] said: “My experience was incredible. We had a lot of fun during rehearsals. I felt like I was in an actual play at the theatre. Thank you to our teachers.”

    Arshil Warsi, part of the Sixth Form team, reports: “The Harry Potter production was a fantastic experience - everyone was filled with a sense of excitement leading up to the final show. Thanks to the many hours after school Ms Gould and Mr Chana put in, the show ran smoothly and I am sure the Year 7s felt highly proud of themselves due to their West End worthy acting!”

    Ms Gould, who directed the performance, said: “It has been an utter joy working with such talented students over the past months. They have all worked tremendously hard and my goodness, has it shown! The performance was an absolute success and I could not be prouder of each and every one of them. This will be an experience I will never forget and will cherish forever.”

    Having co-lead the production, Mr Chana said: “It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Year 7 ‘Harry Potter’ team. The students truly brought the magic of the story to life on stage and displayed excellent teamwork, creativity, and dedication throughout the process. I am so proud of their hard work and commitment to the production. Well done, everyone!”


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  • Mystery Writing Competition

    Published 24/06/24

    I am thrilled to announce that the winners of the mystery writing competition have been chosen! We had 16 students submit their stories, each selecting a mystery picture to inspire their tale. 

    It was truly inspiring to read the creativity that each student poured into their story. 

    We received stories on a variety of themes, including family, witches, and dreams. The level of imagination and talent displayed by these students was truly impressive. Click on the titles below to read their story.


    Shanmitha Yeruva [8Y] - Aurelia - My Darkest Desire

    Cenila Andrade [8Y] - The Lost Glasses

    Harleen Nagpal [7B] - Dark Secrets Unveiled



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  • Cricket Club Launch

    Published 19/06/24

    Summer sports have returned, which includes cricket clubs on three days after school every week. There is Girls' Cricket on Monday, Advanced Cricket on Wednesday and Cricket for all years on Thursday. We have been able to practice all of our skills, including bowling, batting and fielding. One of the best things about the Cricket Club is that we are able to use the bowling machines to simulate a fast bowler which has challenged us. We played well and won our Year 8 match against Isleworth and Syon, so we hope we can win our next three matches. The next two home matches are Year 8 and Year 10 against The Heathland School. They have strong teams, but Heston are stronger due to the support the School has provided for us with our new outdoor cricket nets. Also, the extra sessions with Middlesex coaches have really helped us improve our batting and bowling.

    Come and have a go as it is really fun.

    Ilyas Hamidullah [8B]

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  • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition May 25 – 27

    Published 19/06/24

    The Real DofE Expedition was stress-free compared to the practice. My group and I were a lot more prepared and confident with our routes around Ashdown Forrest. We walked to a lot of beautiful spots, such as Pooh Sticks Bridge, a Windmill, the Friends Clump and more [with a lot of ease with me being the leader!].  Thankfully, the weather was endurable and sunny at the startWe climbed many treacherous hills but worth the view! After our walks [seven hours long], we walked to our campsite - the furthest away from the entrance. We set up our tents, and cooked our five star meals for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely toasty campfire started by the boys, and roasted some marshmallows and had a long talk around the fire. When it came to sleeping in our tents, I was warm in my sleeping bag, but Rianna and Sara couldn't say the same. By the second night, after doing their face masks, they had wrapped themselves in foil blankets, and we all surprisingly slept so well. On the third and last day it rained, and Mrs Jennings had arrived at Ashdown Forest to assess us. By the end, we all had to go find the last group who were lost. I am proud to say we completed the three days without pressing the SOS button or calling for help. Overall, my DofE experience was amazing, so fun and definitely an experience I'll never forget, all thanks to Mr Ghataura, Mr Green and Mr Scott.

    Hariny Varathasothy [12G]

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  • T Levels Industry Placement Success

    Published 18/06/24

    Year 13 T Level Management and Administration students are approaching the end of their Industry placements.  The placements have provided our students with a valuable insight into the world of work.  The employers hosting placements, including IBM have been very impressed with our students in terms of their business acumen and professionalism.  The School has built a good working relationship with many providers, and now has a bank of providers that are keen to host placements for future cohorts.  We look forward to future years making us equally proud.

    T Levels 2022 - 2024

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  • Post 16 Cooking Club

    Published 18/06/24

    We really enjoyed the Post 16 Cooking Club.  It gave us an opportunity to learn how to prepare a range of dishes from different cuisines from across the world. This will be very useful when we go to university next year. Joining this club taught me how to prepare meals safely and the best part was going up against Mr Naqvi and the Year 13 students for our Masterchef Competition. Unsurprisingly, the Year 12 students beat the Year 13s and Mr Naqvi by a unanimous vote as we prepared the best meal.


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  • Ms Forrest ran a half marathon!

    Published 18/06/24

    Congratulations to Ms Forrest for successfully completing a half marathon.

    My first half marathon: a journey of ambition, failure and resilience

    Two years ago, I ran 2 kilometres for the first time and felt exhausted. I never imagined I could run a longer distance, but as I moved to a new neighbourhood, I surrounded myself by people who inspired me to become better and stronger. I watched some of my friends run the Ealing half marathon in September 2022 and set myself the goal of running it myself the following year. However, as Summer 2023 came and went, I was forced to admit to myself that I wasn't ready, I hadn't prepared and trained hard enough to complete it in a satisfying time. The disappointment was immense as I saw people around me celebrating and wearing their medals, but I could only blame myself.

    I did not, however, let this disappointment become a crutch. Instead, I used it as motivation and in December 2023, my sister and I signed up to run our first half-marathon in Geneva, where she lives. From there, the hard work began. I set myself the goal of running 21.1km in under two hours and, with the help of some of my more experienced friends, I created a training plan which included interval, tempo and long runs as well as high intensity cardio and strength sessions. It was important that I stuck to it no matter the weather conditions, so I ran in the cold and the rain on several occasions. It wasn't always easy, it certainly wasn't always comfortable and sometimes it would have been easier to skip a training day - but I was determined to meet my target and couldn't let the weather get in my way. 

    Fast forward to May 2024, my sister and I walked up to the start line under heavy rain alongside 20,000 others, confident that our training would pay off and allow us to complete the race in good time. The route took us through the Swiss countryside and circled back along Lake Geneva, where we were met by crowds of friends and family cheering along their loved one. Finally, after 1 hour and 56 minutes, I passed the finish line on the iconic Pont du Mont Blanc, my sister not far behind me. We placed in the first tier of women to cross the finish line. I was filled with pride and an incredible sense of achievement to see through this challenge I had set myself several months back and to have surpassed my target time. I was reminded of the importance of determination as well as discipline to stick to a rigorous program, but also of the positive influence the people I chose to surround myself with had and continue to have on me. 

    In September 2024 I intend to [finally] run the Ealing Half Marathon, the challenge which originally set me on this path, emboldened by my previous success. The next step will be to fundraise for Shelter in the 2025 London Landmarks Half, to help people struggling with poor housing conditions and homelessness. 



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  • Cognizant Summer School

    Published 18/06/24

    Congratulations to Kiranpreet, Arya and Iram for being accepted accepted into the Cognizant Digital Arts Summer School at the University of Westminster. The girls used their initiative and found this amazing opportunity. The reason they chose to apply is because of their passion about Graphic Design and Art.  They have all expressed a desire to go into the Creative Arts and may even want to come back to Heston as Graphics Design teachers. Their applications were successful because it expressed their commitment to their discipline.  Well done!

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