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  • Poetry workshop at Lampton

    Published 04/12/23

    Fifteen aspiring poets from across KS3 visited Lampton School to meet published poet, Neal Zeller. Zeller explained how he uses poetry as therapy but also for fun, performing a range of his own poems covering topics as diverse as frustration on tube trains, to a fear of dark alleyways, to a love of peanut butter!

    His quirky and individual poetry style engaged the students, who experimented with vocal recitation and public speaking skills, before finally working on their own poems.

    Zeller coached each student, giving them the freedom to really express themselves. Their poems covered serious topics from anxieties about exams, to gratitude to parents, to fear of darkness and uncertainty about identity. The finished poems showed emotional maturity and courage; they were also beautifully accomplished in terms of technical skill. Some will be published in the next issue of the Heston Voice and we hope they will resonate with all of our readers.

    “I really enjoyed the trip because we learnt more about poetry and different types of poems. We also got to write our own poems, which I found fun - I wrote mine about clowns! We listened to poems being read aloud and even performed a choral reading of some poems, too. At the end, we got to read our poems in front of other students and teachers, which pushed me out of my comfort zone. Overall, I found the trip interesting and educating.”  

    Kaia Hall, [9Y] 

     The poetry trip was fun, enjoyable and an informative experience. I have learnt new writing styles and I would love to develop even more writing skills. I think this day was beneficial to all of us interested in poetry.”  

    Arlynn Rodrigues [8Y] 



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  • New Cricket Nets

    Published 28/11/23

    The long anticipated Cricket Nets are now finished. We are excited to start using them and the new cricket helmets, pads and gloves. 

    Here are some images of how the new nets were built.


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  • 'Controversial Question' Essay Competition

    Published 28/11/23

    Over the first Half Term, Year 12 students took part in the 'Controversial Question' Essay competition. The title was "Being part of a state-funded sixth form is mostly about how well you do in your academic studies. Discuss". It was great to read so many conflicting views and well-thought-out arguments. Congratulations to the following winning students: Rianna Ludhra, Sara Daci, Arun Kharaud, Saniya Sharma, Salha Abdallah, Harmiter Kular and Shiv Padhiyar. 

    Teaching Controversial Topics In The Classroom: Webinar - Infobase

    Please find Rianna's winning entry below

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  • Spooky Story Competition 2023

    Published 28/11/23

    The spooky story competition is for students to demonstrate their creative writing skills by creating and submitting a short horror story which will scare the reader. My spooky story about a deranged taxi experience was inspired by common fears of abandonment, desolation and terrors of the unknown. Amongst the other competitors, I was awarded pizza, sweets and fun games at an exclusive Halloween party along with a scary party bag. There are a multitude of benefits from participating in competitions like this -from testing your creative abilities to opportunities to showcase your talents and comparing writing styles with peers.

    1st = Eva Chan, 2nd = Ariza Nathani, 3rd = Maryam Ali, 4th = Zara Sultana / Katharine Massey- Jones 

    Eva Chan - 8 Orange

    Read Eva's winning story below. 


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    Published 28/11/23

    "This evening’s Open Evening was fantastic. I learnt a lot about the Post-16 options offered at Heston and gained an insight into the subjects I might choose. Our school offers a wide range of subjects, from humanities, sciences to art and graphic communication. Personally, I was more interested in Arts and Maths, so I went to those rooms first and achieved a wider perspective on what the course work is like along with the specification. As well as A Level courses, I made sure to learn more about the BTECs offered and it is reassuring to know that, as well as doing a BTEC, you can also pursue an A Level. Overall, this open evening was quite useful and informative and makes me feel more confident about the future and what I aspire to do after obtaining my GCSEs."

    Mancy Dutt [11P]

    Overall, the Sixth Form Open Evening was incredibly insightful for those curious about the courses that they are considering taking after GCSEs. Both internal and external students were able to visit different classrooms, each specialising in different courses available at Heston, such as A-Level Chemistry, History, BTEC Business, etc. The teachers guided us through the summary of content on their chosen course, and its curriculum. There were also fellow Post-16 students who answered our concerns about workload, as well as how they manage and utilise their study periods.

    As a Year 11 student, I feel that it has widened my understanding and knowledge of the possible pathways I could take after my GCSEs.

    Ilhan Abdullahi [11Y]

    I was thrilled to share my experiences of transitioning from GCSEs to A Levels with students and with their parents.  I reassured parents that whilst the workload was significant, the expert guidance of teachers and the Post 16 Team made the transition seamless for us all.

    Manshveer Longani Deputy Head Boy [12C]


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  • ESU Public Speaking Event​​​​​​​

    Published 27/11/23

    Participating in the ESU Public Speaking Event proved to be an enriching experience. The preparation involved meticulous research and crafting a speech that I later delivered via Zoom to two other schools. Adapting to the virtual format posed its own set of challenges, requiring careful consideration of tone, body language, and screen presence. The debate itself, however, showcased my understanding of the topic and my ability to articulate thoughts. Facing questions from the questioner and chairperson added an element of spontaneity, testing my knowledge and quick-thinking skills. I was thankful to have amazing people on my team that supported me the whole way through and cheered me on! Overall, participating in ESU Public Speaking Event contributed to my growth in public speaking and critical analysis.

    Anneka Chumber [9G]

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  • Sports News w/c 13 November

    Published 24/11/23

    Yr 10 Basketball v Kingsley - Won 38-14

    The first game league game for Year 10’s saw a win for Heston. Some good open-court play from Amrit and Rageh, kept a good supply to Matas who was dominant under the basket, scoring 28 points. Lots of positives were taken from this game and the team will look to build on this performance in further games. Player of the match for Heston - Amrit Webra 

    Matas Luksas [10Y]

    Team: Adnaan Abdi, Amrit Webra, Matas Luksas, Kamram Merchant, Joshwa Henry, Rageh Jaamac, Emmanuel Satta, Ahmed-Hadi Abdi [Y8]

    Year 9 Netball v St Marks Lost 3-1

    The game against St Marks was nice and fun and even though we lost, I think we played fantastically and each one of us played with passion. We all played as a team and not one of us gave up and in our next game we will play like we've never lost. Player of the match for Heston - Sonia Arora

    Erika Gridan [8B]

    Team: Elena Nedelshavic [Y9], Unnathi Sanyasi [Y9], Sonia Arora [Y7], Bianca Bolbocean [Y7], Migle Berankyte [Y8], Arushi Vashisht [Y8], Erika Gridan [Y8], Sahjepreet Kaur [Y8], Pearl Kaur [Y8]

    Year 7 Football v Reach Academy - Draw 4-4

    A slow first half saw Reach take an early lead. Heston came back with a goal from a corner scored by Zak. A few defensive mistakes saw Reach score a second goal in the first half. At half time, Heston was losing 2-1. The second half saw a much better performance from the team. As a team, they looked to pressure the Reach team more. This created more shooting opportunities for the team. Heston scored the next goal. A cross from Raphael which was then scored by Roshan. Reach then struck with two more goals. Heston was down 4-2 with 10 minutes to play. Heston rallied with a good individual goal from Enver, dribbling through the defence to score Heston's third. The final goal came with one minute to play from a corner with Ahmad scoring the final goal to draw the game 4-4. Player of the game for Heston – Enver Daci.

    Team: Rashad Ahmed, Raphael Connor, Enver Daci, Ahmed Grama, Roshan Madhas, Krone Mwanza, Stephen Ojedele, Alex Princ, Cezar Stavarachi, Jaiden Verma, Zak Vohra

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  • Uptree ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Published 16/11/23

    A representative from Uptree came into school to talk to all Year 12 students about the importance of work experience and employer engagement. Uptree is a professional network, that link employers with young people and offer a wide range of work experience opportunities.  We have had a partnership with Uptree for many years and a vast number of our students have undertaken opportunities through the Uptree platform. 

    "The Uptree workshop was extremely useful. It allowed me to gain an insight into possible careers and shared with me the different ways I could possibly get work experience or have a better chance of getting a job. Overall, the workshop was incredible and helped me and many other students." Dino Gurjao [12A]

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  • Hounslow Borough Careers Cluster Programme - EMSI Pilot

    Published 16/11/23

    The Careers Cluster programme was an opportunity for the T Level Healthcare Science students to have access to a local labour market tool, which would support their research of career opportunities locally; as well as employer engagement.

    In December 2022, the students took part in a virtual employer panel session, where they had the opportunity to talk to the employees from GSK about the range of roles available within the company.  

    In March 2023, the students went to GSK headquarters and took part in employability based sessions to gain a greater knowledge of the working world. Following this visit, students had access to an online Hounslow Borough funded online labour market tool, where students had the opportunity local opportunities related to their skills and interests.

    Through taking part in this pilot, students had the opportunity to explore and understand a wider range of employment opportunities related to Healthcare Science. The panel session opened student's awareness of employment opportunities and allowed the students the opportunity to ask questions.  The GSK visit was a great opportunity to see a Global biopharma company and understand the research roles which are available. Student's had the experience of seeing a workplace in action and  access to valuable employer contact. The EMSI pilot session, allowed student's access to a useful and invaluable tool, that opens the opportunity to research a wide variety of realistic roles; within the local labour market. Overall this was a fantastic opportunity and will contribute towards the student's career aspirations in the future. A Laing [Careers Advisor]

    "In my exploration of healthcare related careers, I had the opportunity to delve into the diverse world of healthcare professions through the EMSI Careers Coach digital tool. This valuable resource provided me with insights into the healthcare careers in my area, shedding light on the various specialisations within the industry. My journey extended further when I visited GSK and interacted with healthcare professionals. Theirs firsthand experiences showcased the range of responsibilities and the importance of teamwork within healthcare. This immersive experience not only broadened my understanding of healthcare careers but also influenced my thinking about future career paths in the healthcare field, highlighting the potential of making a meaningful impact on people’s lives". Elisha Kudhail Year 13- T Level Healthcare Science

    ​"Having participated in the careers cluster programme gave me an opportunity to learn and develop my skills in a wider spectrum. I was involved in a video panel, visited GSK and also used an online platform that showed me lots of opportunities that are local to me. In the video panel and when visiting GSK I was informed about a range of job roles within the pharmaceutical industry that I didn’t know existed. Having played around on the online platform, I was able to find so many job opportunities local to me based on some questions that I answered which was fun to do as well as informative." Simarpreet Kaur Year 13- T Level Healthcare Science

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  • Gymkhana Football Club

    Published 16/11/23

    Both Amrit Webra and Rageh Jamaac play for the Gymkhana FC in Osterley. Amrit has been playing for them for three years and Rageh for two. This team is in the Premier League for the Middlesex division.

    “For this team, I play left wing and on Thursday 09 November we played a London Cup game where I assisted once and scored once. While playing this game, I feel as though I have shown resilience, as they are a challenging side to play and I didn’t give up even when it was tough. Through playing with this team for three years, I have learnt how to be part of a team and respect others. I really enjoy being part of this team and will continue to play throughout my GCSE studies.” Amrit Webra [10G]

    “I play center-mid for this team and in the last game I scored once and assisted Amrit in his goal. I enjoy playing for this team as I have ambitions to play football professionally and as I get older. The game was physical and I had to get stuck in, but I am proud of the 4-3 results . I encourage everyone to join a team sport because you can learn lots of beneficial skills to help you in all areas of life.” Rageh Jamaac [10Y]

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  • Careers Fair 2023

    Published 15/11/23

    We hosted our annual Careers Fair and invited a wide range of employers, universities, colleges and training providers to join us for this evening. We had several talks that took place during the evening, which were highly attended.  Students and their parents/carers had the opportunity to engage in valuable conversations with the exhibitors and take away resources to help them to continue to explore options. Feedback was very positive and we look forward to holding this again next year.

    "Overall, the Careers Fair was good. It was neatly organised and I was able to take a look round the different groups. All the arrangements were on point. It allowed me to speak to my desired organisations quickly and efficiently. The exhibitors were very nice and provided me with lots of information in regard to what I was looking for." Rayhan Kabir [12A]

    "The Careers Evening allowed me to get first-hand experience of different university campuses and facilities. The evening was fun and an informative way to narrow down my options, to find the right fit for my future. I explored Coventry University and Royal Holloway University and both were extremely helpful, to help me gather valuable information to help me with my decisions." Faiza Shooble [12H]

    "The Careers Fair was the perfect opportunity to meet employers from different career paths. For Year 7-9, it is an excellent experience that incentivises Year 9s to pick specific subjects for GCSE. The Careers Fair also allows students in Key Stage 4, to network and speak to professionals in specific career areas they may want to pursue. Overall, the Careers Fair was the perfect opportunity for young students to develop passions for specific careers and even more beneficial for older year groups, to meet with potential employers." Sara Daci [12G]

    "The Careers Fair was very beneficial, as it gave an opportunity to explore our options for our future careers. Employers from a variety of workplaces spoke with students from Years 7-13 and gave supportive, advantageous advice on how we can achieve, to get our desirable grades and the determination to stand out. Given I am someone who is confused about what I would like to study at university, the Careers Fair gave me clear, sufficient insight on interesting degrees. I spoke with professionals, such as employers from British Airways, The Army and Imperial College London." Rianna Ludhra [12G]

    "In my exploration of healthcare-oriented professions, I delved into the dynamic landscape of healthcare careers using the EMSI Careers Coach digital tool. This invaluable resource offered me a comprehensive understanding of the diverse healthcare professions available in my region, unveiling the myriad specializations within the field. Expanding my journey, I had the privilege of visiting GSK and engaging with seasoned healthcare professionals. Their firsthand experiences illuminated the spectrum of responsibilities inherent in healthcare roles, emphasizing the pivotal role of teamwork in this sector. This immersive encounter not only enriched my knowledge of healthcare careers but also significantly influenced my perspective on potential career trajectories within the healthcare realm. It underscored the profound potential for making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals, solidifying my commitment to pursuing a fulfilling career in the healthcare field." Alexandru Apetrei [13B]

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  • Y12 Interview Workshop

    Published 14/11/23

    On Wednesday, 08 November Year 12 T Level Management and Administration students had the opportunity to take part in an interview workshop, hosted by Spark and volunteers from the local community.  There were 9 volunteers in total from different sectors that attended.  Each volunteer came with their own breadth and depth of experience, which was invaluable in itself.

    As a student at Heston Community School, I have always been nervous about interviews and public speaking. However, when a group of volunteers came into our school to help students with our interview skills, I was grateful for the opportunity. The volunteers worked with us on a one-to-one basis, providing tips and guidance on how to better communicate our strengths and experiences during interviews. Thanks to their coaching, I was able to develop more confidence in both myself and my abilities, allowing me to excel in future interview situations. I am grateful for the time and efforts that these volunteers put into helping me and my fellow students. 

    Gyan Singhota [12F]

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