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  • Success in securing a Level 4 Apprenticeship

    Published 17/04/24

    After applying for numerous apprenticeships and being rejected, I finally hit the jackpot! I am delighted to announce that I will be joining Atkins Réalis as a Level 4 Information Manager Apprentice. It has been a draining and time-consuming process, but I would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge the support the school has provided me along the way. 

    Firstly, I would like to thank teachers such as Mr Naqvi, Mrs Laing, and Mr Sahraoui for their advice, proofreading my applications, checking my CV and preparing for the interview or even simply lending a listening ear. I believe without them, it would have been a much more difficult process, and I will be eternally grateful.

    Lastly, the opportunities the School provided for me, whether it be extracurricular activities such as being a Co-Leader for the Computer Science Society, a member of the volleyball club, or working in the School Canteen as a Student Catering Assistant, helped me to have multiple experiences that I was able to expand on in the interview. 

    I am excited about the future of working in the technology sector, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Heston Community School.

    Iman Zaini Rusly [13E]

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  • ‘An Inspector Calls’ at Heston Community School

    Published 08/04/24

    ‘Drama In Impact’ visited the School for their annual performance of ‘An Inspector Calls’.

    Year 11 students relished the opportunity to see Priestley’s thought-provoking play brought to life ahead of their GCSE English Literature examinations. They also took on the roles of the characters themselves in a workshop, performing with great insight and confidence.

    'An Inspector Calls' came to school. The play itself was shortened and concentrated to one hour, showing the key events and the overall build-up of the play. After the re-enactment, a workshop took place, where we could ask questions to the characters and some students went up on stage to act out the opening scene. In the end, this experience helped me to understand the play better. When the questions were asked, I got an in-depth understanding of why the characters did something in a particular manner. As a result of this workshop, I can now further develop my essays for my exams as it deepened my knowledge and I am aiming for a grade 9.” Mancy Dutt [11P]

    “Watching ‘An Inspector Calls’ gave me the opportunity to visually remember the key events of the play and helped me recall it well.”

    Nafisa Ahmed [11O]

    “I really enjoyed the play 'An Inspector Calls' and the workshop because I found it very engaging and fun. I found the Q and A session after the performance very useful, especially since the actors answered the questions whilst in character, thus increasing my knowledge of each character in the play and their thought process, which will be useful for my exams. Additionally, I really enjoyed when people from the audience were called up to perform on the stage, such as my friend Ali, who took on the role of Edna. This made the whole event even more entertaining as it was interactive.”

    Solanus Viegas [11R]

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  • Y10 -Y12 Business Breakfast

    Published 08/04/24

    ‘Business Breakfast’ for high achieving Year 10, 11 and 12 students, Thursday 14 March

    “The Business Breakfast was an amazing opportunity for the Year 10s to ask questions regarding GCSEs and receive feedback from Year 11 and Year 12 students that have been in their position in previous years. The Year 10 students obtained valuable information that will aid them in achieving their highest potential and the best grades possible at GCSE. This information included:

    • Top tips for revision
    • How to stay motivated
    • Our past experiences 
    • How to overcome any difficulties they may face.

    The focused conversations were also accompanied by a nice selection of breakfast pastries. This made the experience even more enjoyable for everyone.”

    Sara Daci, [12G]


    “On Thursday morning, I was invited to the Sixth Form Centre for a Business Breakfast with Year 10, 11 and 12 students. I was able to sit with a Year 12 and Year 11 student who gave me insight into GCSE experiences like revision, mock exams and balancing workload. I found this really educational and useful as I am currently sitting my mock exams and my GCSE are a year away. They gave me multiple ideas about revision techniques. For example, using flashcards, blurting and mind maps. I look forward to putting these to use. Overall, this was a great experience for Year 10 students.”

    Maja Majewska [10W]

    “On the 14 March, I partook in a Business Breakfast alongside Sixth Formers. At this breakfast, we were able to assist and advise Year 10s on the many ways they could revise and prepare for their GCSEs. I was able to give specific advice that would cater to the subject which Year 10s were struggling with, while enjoying a variety of breakfast foods.”

    Neda Noorzai [11G]

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    Published 08/04/24

    Pi Competition:

    The Maths department held the Pi competition on 27 March 2024.

    Heston's Pi champions are below:

    • 1st – Eva Chan [who recalled a whopping 121 digits] [Y8]
    • 2nd – Navvya Makwana [Y11]
    • 3rd – Zayd Rahman [Y7]
    • 4th – Jaskaran Bhatia [Y8]
    • 5th – Jesekirit Singh [Y11]

    Maths Challenge:

    The Maths department held the annual Intermediate Maths Challenge and the students who received awards were treated to a pizza party.

    Bronze certificates:

    Clara Mckeigue, Christopher Goes, Sahil Kotak, Tanveer Singh

    Silver Certificates:

    Laksh Damree, Ilhan Abdullahi, Navvya Makwana

    Certificate of participation:

    Anneka Chumber, Anay Khole, Bob Ryatt


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  • Attendance Raffle Winners – Spring 2024

    Published 08/04/24

    It is very important to come to school every day because then you don’t miss any lessons or assessments.  I find that I can always keep up with my homework and preparation for lessons and so, I feel more confident in lessons as I haven’t missed anything.  There is also the added benefit of meeting with my friends and my form tutor each day as well. 

    Ayushi Chakraborty [7Y]


    I really love coming to school every day. It helps me to better understand the work in all my lessons and I never have to worry about catching up.  School is very enjoyable as I am learning new things all the time, including about careers I might choose in the future and, of course, I get to see my friends.

    Raphael Connor [7B]

    I feel it is essential to come to school every day as not being in school can equate to so many missed opportunities.  I feel attending school every day is important as it helps to form really good habits that we will use for the rest of our lives.

    Triston Vimalarasa [9Y]



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  • Super Learning Day 2 – 12 March 2024

    Published 25/03/24

    Our second Super Learning Day for this academic year was held on 12 March.  It provided a range of activities for students in different year groups to participate in.  Inclement weather and train disruptions impacted negatively on planned trips but students and teachers demonstrated Resilience, one of six Hestonian Values and approached this setback with enthusiasm and can overcome spirit.  Well done to all.

    Year 13 - BTEC Business

    The sessions allowed us to practise our presentations for unit 1. We gained valuable tips and advice around body language and overcoming stage fright.  I am more confident now to attend any will help apprenticeship assessment centres.  

    Xavier Cabral [13A]

    Year 13 - Maths

    During Super Learning Day, we did three intense lessons with our subject teachers, which allowed us to pack a lot of revision into a short period of time. Super Learning Day was really helpful in the lead up to the exam season as it allowed us to get an extra day of focused revision with our teachers.

    Kiran Barrass [13A]

    Year 13 - Biology

    I found Biology very useful in terms of understanding how to structure a 25-mark essay. The day allowed me to focus on the exam structures and helped me write a concise essay.

    Sukhpreet Chahal [13D]

    Year 12

    On 12 March, students from Year 12 started to think about their Post 18 pathways. They were introduced to UCAS and Personal Statement, which they will have to write about whether to apply to university or to degree apprenticeships. The More Able students also got the opportunity to work with Peter Rawling, an expert consultant who helps high-achieving students to access top universities such as OxBridge, Russel Group Universities and Medicine courses. Taran Bansal, Head Girl, described the workshop as "extremely useful" and enthusiastically explained she felt reassured as she now had a very good understanding of how to prepare for her university application.

    In addition, students continued to explore online resources to develop their Super Curricular portfolio. These range from in-person work experience to online university courses and allow students to make their university or job applications stand out. 

    Students have now been able to apply to workshops during the Easter holidays, which will help them develop not only develop their expertise in their chosen field, but also their soft transferable skills. 

    The day focused on preparing us to apply to university and apprenticeships next year. Ms Forrest, our Learning Co-Ordinator, held sessions on how to structure and enrich our personal statements and I also had the privilege to attend a workshop with Peter Rawling, a consultant from PiXL, the largest education leadership network and CEO of Uni-que Higher Education Service. He provided us with bespoke advice on how to best prepare for our university applications, including courses we could complete and books we could read. This day helped me feel much more confident about my university application as I now have a clear plan of the steps I need to take to ensure my profile is highly interesting to admissions officers.

    Aisha Hajiadam, 12A

    Year 11

    This Super Learning Day was a valuable experience and provided a lot of helpful opportunities, giving us an insight into the exams we will be sitting in May. It was a very stressful but productive day.

    In the morning, we sat an English Literature [paper 2] mock, which was immensely stressful but extremely crucial as it will be externally marked and we will get the most accurate feedback possible before the real exams. We will also know that the results will not be bias, so we can see where we need to improve, to get the best possible grades in August.  But our teachers supported us through all of this, which made it less stressful and a positive experience.

    In the afternoon, we also sat a Maths Non-calculator paper which was immensely tense for all but some in particular as it will judge whether students do higher or foundation paper for Maths.

    Avneet Bansal [11Y]

    Year 10

    On Tuesday, 12 March, Year 10 was involved with Super Learning Day. There were a range of trips happening across the year group. Food Technology students were going to a local restaurant with their teacher, Mr Compton. Graphics students were going to Tate Britain with Mr Richardson and Ms Waheed. Design and Technology students were going to a London-based design museum with Ms Dhothar. Finally, all the other students were going to be exploring the National Science Museum. 

    As per every day, we cannot always predict the weather and that brought a morning of organising coats, hoods and umbrellas as we realised the rain did not intend to let up any time soon. The Arts trips left the School first, making their way to Osterley train station with the Food Technology trip beginning their walk. Unfortunately for some of us, after the Graphics trip to Tate Britain, we managed to board the last working train from Osterley that morning. We were informed that there had been a signal failure and there would be no more trains able to take us into London. Although disappointed, the students were in good spirits as we walked back towards the School in the rain.

    The afternoon for students who did not make it to their trip was spent working in our groups to explore ideas around coding as it was British Science Week and the theme was time and technology. Students were able to discuss with their teachers ideas relating to coding and also experienced the story of Alan Turing who is known as the father of modern computer science.

    Year 9

    Super Learning Day was an interesting opportunity to learn more about racism and its implications in our society.  It was interesting to learn so much about the different types of racist behaviour, both intentional and covert.  We also learnt about the effects racism has had on so many generations and why we all have a responsibility to work really hard to ensure that it stops with us.  It was made very clear that we should not tolerate racist jokes and should not remain silent when this happens and that we all have a responsibility to report it and to speak up as well.

    The afternoon sessions where we were able to use our creative ideas to design a range of anti-racist t-shirts was the icing on the cake.  Some of the designs were fabulous and I’m convinced we could use them as a platform to raise funds for those who have suffered from racist attacks.  Some of the conversations were very hard to hear, but the more we engaged, the easier it becomes to discuss this very important topic.

    It was a short day outside of our usual day and was quite a tranquil and irreplaceable day and I hope there are more days like this. This effectively communicates life skills to students through a diverse methods to ensure accuracy. This was a wonderful day and I can’t wait until the next.

    Kaia Hall [9Y]

    Year 8

    On this Super Learning Day, a day in Heston Community School which enhances the knowledge of students and broadens their spectrum outside the curriculum, we were learning about Drugs and Anti-Vaping strategies. Drugs are a very vital part of our society in a wonderful way, as they cure illness, but in a malicious path, as well, because they cause tremendous loss to the community. They are a cause of many diseases and cause a burden on society as they lure people. Anti-vaping strategies were introduced as well due to many students in secondary schools using vapes and cigarettes, which has led to this workshop. We learnt many knowledgeable things. This has meant that we will not be drug addicts as we have gained knowledge of the hazards, strategies to cope and the misconceptions about them. This personally has introduced me to a world which I haven’t experienced. This is quite vital for all young adults, as many young people have been using these things and to help choose their decisions wisely.

    We then had an informative lecture with aa former Police Officer who removed our misconceptions and the truth. We learnt this in a fun way, as we had some demonstrations in a simulation which isn’t possible outside school, with cocaine glasses. This showed us the adverse reality.

    We concluded our day with a poster, which was a tool used to summarise, and a competition was organised to celebrate the effort put in and also to simulate workplace conditions.

    Shanmitha Yeruva 8Y

    Year 7 - Geography Trip Update: Adaptable Animals & Hinduism Exploration!

    While our planned trip to Hounslow High Street wasn't able to go ahead, Year 7 Geographers didn't miss a beat! They rose to the challenge by flexing their creative muscles, designing their own unique animals adapted to survive in a specific ecosystem.

    The afternoon saw them delve into the fascinating world of Hinduism, exploring its rich traditions and practices.

    We were incredibly impressed by the Year 7s' adaptability and enthusiasm for learning!

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  • British Science Week Review

    Published 25/03/24

    During this British Science Week, our exploration delved into a plethora of captivating experiments, yet two left an indelible mark: the pinhole camera and the spectacle of elephant toothpaste.

    The genesis of our pinhole camera creation was intertwined with our journey through the waves of physics, synchronising seamlessly with the overarching theme of British Science Week 2024 - 'Time'. This thematic homage to temporal progression provided a fitting backdrop as we delved into the mechanics of the pinhole camera. Within its simplistic yet profound design lies a testament to the immutable laws of physics, showcasing the timeless interplay of light and optics. As we captured the essence of our world within the confines of a diminutive box, it served as a poignant reminder of the enduring principles that underpin modern marvels such as the digital camera.

    Meanwhile, the spectacle of elephant toothpaste served as a captivating demonstration of chemical kinetics, as the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalysed by potassium iodide or yeast unfolded before our eyes. This mesmerising reaction, contingent upon the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, provided a tangible link to our understanding of enzymatic catalysis in biological systems. Through this experiential foray, we were reminded of the interdisciplinary tapestry that defines the realm of scientific enquiry, transcending traditional departmental boundaries to encompass a kaleidoscope of disciplines.

    In essence, the juxtaposition of these experiments encapsulated the multifaceted nature of scientific exploration, weaving together strands of physics, chemistry, and biology into a cohesive narrative. As we reflect on the revelations gleaned during British Science Week, it becomes abundantly clear that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, transcending the constraints of time and space to illuminate the wondrous tapestry of our universe.

    Furthermore, the mellifluous laughter that danced in the air, intertwining with the palpable sense of awe that permeated the hearts of all present, served as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of scientific discovery on the human spirit.

    Shanmitha Yeruva [8Y]

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  • Mock Magistrates – Heston takes the crown

    Published 25/03/24

    A group of dedicated Year 9 students have been diligently preparing for the mock trial competition against multiple schools across West London. Since Christmas, we have been immersing ourselves in the intricacies of the legal system and sharpening our skills to compete in a courtroom setting. 

    On 16 March, the competition took place in Wimbledon Magistrates Court, where we showcased our knowledge, confidence, and ability to argue the case effectively. Each student assumed a role in the court case, putting their critical thinking and public speaking skills to the test. 

    Before the trial, Mr. Sahraoui, one of the club leaders, expressed his confidence in our abilities, stating, "Our Year 9s have put in a lot of work in preparing for the trial. Let's hope they can complete the job, make the School proud, and bring home the trophy on the 16th ".  

    With determination and hard work fuelling our efforts, the Year 9 students were confident to demonstrate their legal awareness and represent Heston Community School with honour in the Mock Magistrate's competition. 

    Our first round against Lampton School was a successful start as Heston’s prosecution team overruled Lampton's defence team. Our witnesses spoke confidently, and our lawyers asked challenging questions that baffled Lampton and resulted in our win. 

    Our next case against Grey Coat Hospital School started shakily with their well-articulated prosecution arguments against Heston’s defence. Heston fought back bravely, throwing our own thought-out questions and pushing back resiliently, leading to our second win. 

    Finally, after these two tense rounds, a fearful atmosphere crept up on the numerous schools, and the overall winner was announced... Heston Community School won! 

    From this arose shouts of joy and jumps of glee from the Hestonian participants as we gladly accepted the glistening trophy! We are now proceeding to the second competition with schools from across London, where we will fight a different court case, and everyone will be given new roles. The students are already looking forward to this next step and hope to win this as well. 

    “This competition was a brilliant experience. It gave me the chance to see how the court system works, and I found it really interesting.”

    Clara McKeigue [9Y]

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  • Natwest Diversitek – Young Women in Technology

    Published 25/03/24

    The NatWest trip was such a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. Starting the day, we arrived by coach and were greeted warmly by the employees at NatWest. We were given these funny red hats which made the experience feel much more unique. After some refreshments, we played some icebreakers in which we had to draw our partner and pass around that paper which resulted in goofy pictures of us. We hung those drawings on a board. Then we proceeded to go to a different room where we heard the stories of many influential, inspiring women. The stories were all about hard work and how it is working in a male-dominated sector/workplace and doing the course. They also told us how they ended up in their positions of power, such as being the leads of many teams. It was an enjoyable time and we also had time to ask many questions.

    After a break, in the afternoon, we were talked to about projects and managers and what it means to do this type of job. After that, we had a lot of Lego which we had to use to make as many projects as we could in short amounts of time, within groups, that would suit an area for athletes. At the end, awards were given to different challenges each group accomplished, while making the projects of Lego infrastructure. Our Year 10 group won the award for our problem-solving skills, which was quite fun. Overall, this trip was such an informative, yet really fun and enjoyable experience that helped me gain insight into different careers. 

    Aparna Bisht [10G]

    I enjoyed my trip to NatWest as the workers were very welcoming and friendly. I think it was really helpful to me career wise, to help get a look at what life is really like after secondary school; it was really informative for me and hearing the female workers' stories inspired me and helped me understand what it’s like for women in a male-dominated workplace. I had a lot of fun, especially when we were making Lego and had to build a city. Overall, I had a really great time and made some nice memories and also got to know a lot of people better. Hopefully, other people in different schools will also get the same opportunity I did as it really helps build confidence, work on communication skills and become closer with others.  

    Nusayba Kasmi [10O]

    I found this trip very fascinating; I believe it was a great experience for me and the younger students. It allowed me to hear the stories of different women in tech and their journeys and how they got to where they are. I now understand sectors and areas in tech. This trip also allowed me to interact and communicate with younger students by playing different games, which also helped with my teamwork and leadership skills. Overall, this trip gave me the opportunity to discover more about women in tech and broadened my career options.  

    Salma Mohamud [12D]

    The trip was very informative and a useful experience as it allowed me to explore my interest in technology in further detail. As well as that, I was influenced by the speakers who shared that their journey to tech was not easy and the hurdles they had to face as women in that industry. This experience was a fun, bonding experience with my friends as well as an educational one, as I learnt that there are many different fields within the tech space, meaning you do not need just be good at IT, but also other skills. 

    Hafsa Moalim [12H]



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  • Year 7 Girls' Football Rally

    Published 22/03/24

    Well done to our Year 7 Girls’ Football Team who competed in the Annual Football Rally in Springwest Academy on Thursday. The girls played 4 games - drew two games, lost one and won one. Player of the tournament goes to Aariya Sharma for her excellent team work, communication and work rate both during the tournament and throughout the football season.

    Team: Ikram Abdullahi, Ayushi Chacraborthy, Einya Fernandes, Aariya Sharma, Zarah Merchant, Mariam Khan, Sonia Arora, Chahat Jagmama, Avneet Wraich.

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  • Brentford Football Club Workshop

    Published 22/03/24

    On 15 March, Romario and Mannie from the Brentford Football Club held a workshop with 20 students from Year 8. The aim of the workshop was to develop positive relationships and was targeted towards students who could benefit from improving their behaviour in and out of school.

    The workshop started with an icebreaker where we had to say our names with an action, and repeated everyone else’s name with their action. I realised it was a task to get to know each other in a fun way.

    Another fun activity was the truth and lies, a game of saying two truths about ourselves and one lie and the others had to guess the lie. It was a good way of observing ways in which people talk when they are telling the truth or lying. It was also a good activity in developing our communication skills.

    We discussed our role models and who we would like to be like and hopefully, that would help create a positive atmosphere in school. My favourite task was the START and STOP activity. We each had to reflect and say what negative we would like to stop and what positive difference we would want to start.    

    Overall, I enjoyed the workshop and have learnt a few things as to how I can make a positive contribution in and out of school.

    Haseena Sekandary [8B]

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  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language

    Published 22/03/24

    I have always admired the role of the teachers around me: helping students to achieve their full potential, directly building a foundation for the future generation, and playing a crucial role in the development of future society. Consequently, this admiration of the teachers around me ignited a passion to pursue a career in the educational sector.

    I was delighted to be offered a fully funded TEFL course: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course consists of 10 modules, each providing an insightful taste into a specific element of the essential attributes and knowledge for a TEFL teacher to possess. For instance, the titles of some of the modules include: the IPA and pronunciation, grammar, EFL exams and many more. The course entails a multitude of videos that explain techniques to engage students in the classroom to maximise their learning [such as the use of realia, ice-breaker activities], interviews from teachers in the profession [providing a first-hand experience], key terminology for the career [EAL, ESOL, EFL] and many more.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed starting the TEFL course as I believe it has provided me with an invaluable perspective on what teaching really entails. It has provided me with different ideas to enhance my teaching in, hopefully, a classroom of my own in the future. Furthermore, I believe that once completed, it will have instilled valuable cultural skills within me, effectively helping me to become an open-minded citizen of the world. It also allows me to complete the course flexibly, with a deadline of August, enabling me to efficiently manage my time with my A-levels. Upon completion, we are also be awarded a certificate, a physical manifestation of the dedication shown. I am inextricably grateful for this opportunity.

    Aisha Hajiadam [12A]

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