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    Published 27/05/22

    Athletics Achievements 

    Heston athletes recently attended Hounslow’s Borough Athletics Competition. We took part in many events against other schools in the borough.  I represented the school in the Year 9 Boys’ Triple Jump. 

    After my second jump, I was in 3rd place. I needed around 9.75 m to beat my opponents. I was nervous at first, but I was determined and gave my all for the last jump. 

    Unexpectedly, I jumped exactly 10m and won the Silver medal. It was a great feeling! 

    Abdurahman Vohra, 9 Orange 

    Rounders Victory! 

    This month, our team had to show a lot of determination and resilience when we played Rounders against Brentford School for Girls. 

    In the first half, we were down by two points. But we didn’t give up. We persevered and worked on our weaknesses. Eventually, we won with three more points. Our team had a score of 22 and a half, whereas Brentford scored 19. 

    We all felt extremely proud of ourselves, and we are optimistic about what the future holds for our team! 

    Rihanna Angus, 9W 

    Football Success At Heston! 

    Heston’s Year 9 Football Team recently attended a football tournament at Springwest Academy where we faced Springwest’s own team in the semi-final. 

    Throughout the game, our team displayed resilience and a desire to win. We conceded a goal early on, but it was a back and forth game where we never gave up. We soon equalised and by the end we had won 3-2. 

    It was a hard-fought victory but also an amazing experience! Winning that game meant we made it to the final against The Green School. We ended up losing that final but we showed heart and never gave up. We were all very proud to represent the school! 

    Sahib Bains, 9 Blue 


    On Monday 23 May, Heston’s Year 7 Football Team attended the borough semi-final. We had a very tough opponent: Isleworth & Syon. 

    During the first half, there were no goals but moments into the second half Isleworth & Syon scored due to a terrific loss of the ball from a throw in. The game ended 1-nil. 

    This meant we then had a match that would establish 3rd and 4th place in the borough for the year. We were up against heathlands. The first half saw us losing 1-nil. However, motivated as ever, Kamil scored from the halfway line. It went under the goalkeeper. 

    Next, due to a penalty, Heathlands were in the lead again. But, quicker than ever, Fahim went on a one-one-one with the keeper, and he scored! We were now equal with five minutes to go! 

    It ended. So we went to five minutes of “golden goal” in which the first team to score wins. However, no one scored, so it went on to penalties. 

    Our first penalty taker, Aadi, missed but luckily so did the first Heathlands’ player too. Next it was my turn and I managed to calmly score! Even better, our goalkeeper, Daksh, made a brilliant save to put us ahead. Then Maison scored! Daksha saved. Sabri tried but missed. Heathlands scored. Now it was up to Fahim, he had our victory in his hands. He stepped up and scored!! We took third place! 

    Michal Oterski, 7G 


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  • Well-being Week ​​​​​​​

    Published 17/05/22

    In late April, Heston Community School had a ‘Well-being Week’ in which all students from years 7-11 got to try new experiences. Every student tried a yoga session with a teacher from Livekarma, and also got to try a karate session with a teacher from Goju Kai.

    The responses we received were incredibly positive, with 93% of survey respondents saying they enjoyed trying a new activity and 98.9% saying that they felt better after the sessions.

    Current UK research shows that student participation in clubs improves mental and physical health, also helping to develop qualities such as resilience and ambition.There are also strong links between club participation and academic attainment.

    Personally, I really enjoyed trying the yoga, as I felt very relaxed after the session, this is something I would definitely like to do again. The karate session was also fascinating as I learnt new techniques and skills, whilst having fun with my classmates! I think that these new experiences benefited our physical skills, as well as our mental well-being.

    Below are some quotes from other students who took part in the sessions:

    “Yoga helped me, I felt a lot better after it.” - Bilal Shah, 7Y

    “Yoga helps us to let go of our stress and anxiety.” - Jasmita Iragam 8R

    “They really helped me increase my knowledge of relaxation and self-defence!” - Louis De Vera, 8Y

    “I really enjoyed karate.” Habib Faqi, 9Y

    “Karate was amazing!” Sehraj Chawla, 10B

    “Great new experiences!” Maram Bouaroudj, 110

    By Jassia Kwokova 8Y

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  • Recognition For Rugby Hero!

    Published 03/05/22

    It is a little known fact that Heston's much-loved Assistant SENDCo, Leslie Cripps, was a famous and highly respected figure in the Rugby Union world before she became a teacher.

    According to her Wikipedia page, Leslie is considered "one of the top ten North American women rugby players." In 2019, Leslie was inducted into the Rugby Canada Hall of Fame in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the Sports as a player and a leader. Due to Covid, she did not manage to attend the ceremony in Vancouver until Easter 2022.

    Leslie played nationally for various, popular teams such as the UVic Vikes in Victoria, and made 47 international appearances representing her country. She also served as Captain on twenty occasions between 2007 and 2010.

    Her international honours include playing two test matches against the World Champions, New Zealand, in 2003 and taking part in a 2008 fixture with South Africa that was a celebration of Nelson Mandela's birthday.

    In 2001, Leslie joined Saracens in London where she received the "New Player of the Year" award, eventually becoming Captain and leading the club to five league title victories.

    Leslie credits her incredible career to the two local coaches who started a club in her childhood home of Williams Lake. She says, "I wouldn't have even thought of rugby. I'd never even seen a game before...the opportunity that was provided in Williams Lake planted the seed."

    Massive congratulations to Leslie on this richly deserved recognition.

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  • Eton College Summer University Programme

    Published 29/04/22

    I am delighted to say that I have been accepted into the Physics - Rockets, relativity, and quantum mechanics course at Eton College with their Summer University Programme. Being accepted into this programme means a lot to me as it will give me an insight into university style courses. This course will broaden my theoretical and technical knowledge as I will get to learn about modern physics concepts and get the opportunity to work hands-on on a water rocket project where we will be analysing its motion and the mechanics behind it.  I will expand my skill base and strengthen my problem-solving skills as I will be tackling and solving real-life problems.

    I want to pursue a degree in Aeronautics and Spacecraft Engineering at university, therefore this week-long programme will be highly valuable for my future. I have always been interested in theoretical physics and the way our universe works and I have wanted to learn more about it. By taking part in this course, I will get the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and gain further information, so I can make the best decision for Post 18. The courses at Eton are highly respected and explore challenging concepts where I will have to make sure I perform to the best of my ability to complete and face challenging tasks, learn new concepts, and work through given assignments individually that will build my independent study skills and help me prepare for university.

    Applying to super-curricular courses plays a major role in building your character and shows that you have a great passion for your subject. Gaining this experience and presenting it to my desired university will give me that competitive edge over other applicants who may have achieved the same grades but may have not completed many super-curricular activities.  Attending this course will be very significant for my university applications as it show my passion for this field of study. It will also give me a topic of discussion during interviews and the selection process.

    I look forward to learning concepts outside my school syllabus and developing my understanding of Physics as well as exploring the prestigious nature of study at Eton. 

    I would also like to take this opportunity to recognise my seven peers who were also successful in their applications to Eton Summer School.

    Rohit Kumar Bajaj 

    Year 12 

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  • Preparing to Progress

    Published 27/04/22

    On the 01 April, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Kingston University with two other students in Year 12.  The university had invited us to an event called Preparing to Progress.  This event was for students with SEND so that they can understand the support provided for them by universities.  As a vision impaired students it was reassuring to hear from the universities present that they do take their responsibilities to students such as myself seriously.  They signposted us to resources and in some cases finances that will be useful once we start our undergraduate degrees.

    I knew I wanted to go to university, but having the opportunity to hear about the support that is available has made me even more determined.

    Thanks to Ms Forrest and Mr Naqvi for supporting us with this trip.

    Gurleen Juneja 

    Year 12


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  • Twisted Tales - Beyond the Tale Writing Competition

    Published 22/04/22

    Forty Four Year 10 students have become published authors for the 'Beyond the Tale' writing competition.

    I have always loved twisted horror stories and I was excited to get a chance to write one. I think I did really well with the short story because it left questions for the reader. I took a bit of time, and it was a challenge to write a story in 100 words or less, but I was pleased with my submission, “Forever”. I’m happy that other people from other schools can see my work and I’m looking forward to reading other stories too. 

    Here is my Twisted Tale:


    Along the floor I spread litres of gasoline. It smelt wonderful. Sobbing beside me was a lady tied to a wall. Ignoring her cries, I walked out of the house, a lit match between my fingers. Kaboom! I did it. I killed her and the others; they were the ones coming after me after all... I made her house explode in vibrant colours of red and yellow. She deserved it, they deserved it. They all betrayed me. I told her I'd seek revenge one day and here I am now. After everything she's done to me... now... they're gone... forever.

    Aisha Hajiadam [10Y]



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  • GSK Work Experience

    Published 22/04/22

    I was given an amazing opportunity for work experience at GSK.  Whilst there we learnt about the many career paths available at GSK for both graduates as well as apprenticeships for school leaver. We concentrated on the 'Molecule to Medicine' curriculum during the first week of Easter Break. We took part in a combination of live and recorded sessions throughout our virtual learning experience.

    It was a fantastic experience in which we collaborated as a team and had a great time giving presentations about our novel pharmaceuticals at the conclusion of the week. We also completed energisers, which consisted of quizzes and activities related to the many modules we learned each day. It was a lot of fun, and it helped me gain a better knowledge of GSK's many departments and the pharmaceutical development process.

    I am also very excited about the two days of face-to-face work experience that will take place in the last week of April.  It was simply fantastic!

    Aisha Ali

    Year 12

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  • Houses of Parliament A-Level Politics Trip

    Published 17/04/22

    To enhance our cultural capital and understanding of the British political system, our Year 12 Politics class ventured to the focal point of UK politics, the Houses of Parliament. During our visit, we learnt the history and origins of Parliament and were taken on a tour. We learnt about how has the franchise was extended, how the 1997 House of Lords Reforms changed the second chamber, how debates work, what are one-line, two-line and three-line whips are and much more.  

    Matthew Benjamin

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  • Breis Rapping Workshop

    Published 31/03/22

    Breis told us his backstory and how he went from a well-paying job to becoming a professional rapper and teaching children ...and how he eventually got his mother's approval. 

    Our first task was to complete rap lyrics beginning with ow e.g vow row plough. Our second task was to make our own verses on the topic 'Think Big' using rhyming couplets, 8-12 syllables long. 

    At the end, we had to perform each of our verses to the whole group, and he gave us a sneak peek of the rap he was writing, and planning to release, on the topic 'Think Big' and we sang the chorus with him.

    Arpan Kumar [9Y]

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  • British Science Week

    Published 30/03/22

    British Science Week embraced the theme of 'Growth' this year. Students had the opportunity to enter a Science Spelling Bee, Poster Competitions and Balloon Debates to argue which scientists have made the best contribution to society.

    There were also a series of 'Demo Lunches', where KS3 students could see exciting, flame-filled experiments and KS4 Crest Award students had the opportunity to dissect Lungs and Hearts, to prepare them for careers as surgeons. 

    'This year's British Science Week was spectacular! All the practicals we did really benefited our learning and the posters we made helped us to understand the importance of science. In my opinion we should do this event more often, so that even more students could experience this phenomenal week.' 

    Mohamed Samadi [7O]


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  • Lunchtime Yoga at Heston

    Published 30/03/22

    Since I started doing Yoga at school, with our professional Yoga instructor, I have found myself sleeping better, and I have been a lot less stressed. Brooke Clements [11P]

    In my opinion it has been a big gift for me to join this class. If has been really helpful during my mock exams. It has kept my mind fresh and relaxed. Clint Carvahlo [11R]

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    Published 30/03/22

    On Wednesday 23rd March, all of Year 11 watched and participated in An Inspector Calls to prepare them for their upcoming examinations in the summer. The English department arranged for Drama Impact to come into School and perform an interactive version of An Inspector Calls. Drama Impact brings characters to life throughout their performance, and discuss the powerful and universal themes in the play. During the workshops, students volunteered to participate in elements of character development, trying on costumes, dramatising aspects of the text, and immersing themselves in the historical and social contexts.

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