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Year 12

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 Year 11 in their finery

 Fire drill on Prom Day

"A great Prom!" ... even a fire drill didn't spoil this special day for Year 11

Year 11 Learning Co-ordinator: Mr M Williams

 Year 11 with Action Jackson

Year 11 start of term motivational talk from Action Jackson

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Year 9 Learning Co-ordinator: Mr M Williams
Year 9 Assistant Learning Co-ordinator: Miss A Razzaq

Football vs Homophobia
 Year 9 launch Football vs Homophobia

The multi-coloured laces Year 9 want to take a clear stand against homophobia so that everyone can enjoy football and other sports equally.  The aim is to lead the way to removing discrimination and prejudice.  Year 9 students will become ambassadors and influence other students to respect  differences and not use homophobic language. They will be sporting rainbow coloured laces and speaking in assemblies to spread the word. 

 Year 9 students at Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway University visit

October 2013
Year 9 students visited Royal Holloway University to get an insight into university life and what University has to offer. They did a few taster seminars and met some undergraduates who showed them the campus.  

 Seminars for Year 9 at Royal Holloway

Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience which is part of the Royal Holloway Connect programme and is the first of many opportunities for Year 9 to visit the University.


Leadership Passport Launched
September 2013
The Leadership Passport scheme created by Miss Razzaq is now underway for Year 9. This exciting opportunity allows the Gifted and Talented pupils of the Year 9 cohort to work towards obtaining bronze, silver and gold stripes for their blazer as a reward for completing leadership tasks. This year long project will help to develop their skills in the following categories Creative; Physical; Communication; Community & Charity; Enterprise and Academic.

Students currently involved in the scheme are pictured at the top of the page with Miss Razzaq and Mr Williams. They are eager to be a part of the scheme and are especially looking forward to developing the transferable skills needed for GCSEs.