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School Charges

Educational and Recreational Visits

The School has always offered a very full programme of extra-curricular activities and visits for the benefit of all students. Those outdoor pursuits that take place outside school hours are regarded as optional. However, others take place during school hours and the Educational Reform Act (1988) states that only voluntary contributions can be sought from parents to pay for these. Parents are under no obligation to contribute but within the same act it is emphasised that if parents are unwilling to contribute to the costs then the activity or visit may be cancelled. If parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Tax Credit, then (in cases of hardship) the School may be able to offer some help with costs.

Ingredients and Materials

Traditionally schools have asked parents to contribute towards the cost of ingredients and materials in such subjects as Food and Design Technology. This has enabled us to provide a wide variety of practical work using good quality materials bought at cost price that have become the property of students. This is now a voluntary contribution. No child will be at a disadvantage because of a parent's unwillingness or inability to contribute in this way.


The Governors reserve the right to ask parents to contribute to the cost of replacement items incurred as a result of breakages, loss or damage to books, equipment, material, furniture or buildings other than normal wear and tear.

Public Examinations

All students are entitled to be entered by the School for any prescribed public examination for which they have been prepared by the School.

Private examination entries may also be made and paid for by parents if the School has not prepared the student.

The fees charged to Examination Boards for checking and re-marking public examinations are chargeable to parents.

If a student fails to complete the examination requirements for any public examination for which the School has paid or is liable to pay an entry fee, then the fee can be recovered from the parent. Failure to complete the examination requirements includes failure to complete the coursework requirements and/or failure to sit the final examination(s).

If a student fails to complete the examination for medical reasons and provides medical evidence then repayment of the fee will be waived and grades may be awarded at the discretion of the Examination Board.