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Meet the Students

'The Sixth Form at Heston brings difficult yet motivating challenges – the School is passionate about its students' success'

Roshni, Year 12

'The Sixth Form at Heston is one where all students are made to feel together and supported – overall a place where you're happy and comfortable to learn'

Gunisha, Year 12

'Heston is an inspiring, modern and friendly Sixth Form'

Kiranpal, Year 13

'The Sixth Form is friendly, safe and welcoming, making it a great place to be'

Meriame Year 13

'I really enjoy learning as a Sixth Former at our school and I believe that this school provides me with an excellent learning experience'

Nakita, Year 12

'The students in the Sixth Form are what make Heston great'

Natasha, Year 13

'Best two years ever!'

Sabah, Year 13

'The Sixth Form at Heston has shaped the start of my adult life'

Charu, Year 13

'Heston's Sixth Form helps us to become independent by learning life skills and they help us to achieve our potential'

Ayesha, Year 12