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Internet Safety

 Computer mouseThe Internet has become an important part of children’s lives. A world has opened up which offers many positive opportunities.

Children start using computers from a very early age and are increasingly using the Internet whether it is at home, in school, on their mobile phones or on a games console. With this in mind, Internet Safety and knowing how to help protect children and young people online, is essential.

 Teenagers & mobile phonesJust as we want to keep our children safe in the real world, we will want to do the same in the virtual world. While it is important that we understand enough about the Internet to keep our children safe from harm, it is equally important that we equip our children with the skills they need to keep themselves safe so that they can experience the Internet positively and responsibly.

Some useful links:

 What's the problem? - a guide for parents of children and young people who have got into trouble online. It is designed to answer some of the immediate questions you may have after learning that something is happening, or has happened, in your child's online life. 

Click the image or go to Parents Protect! - a project of The Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

CEOP's Thinkuknow Internet Guide for Parents and Carers 

CEOP's You Tube Video (shown at the January 2014 Parents' and Carers' Forum)

The Metropolitan Police's Internet Safety

NSPCC's Online Safety

Some key facts:

93% of all 5-15 year olds used the Internet in 2013. This breaks down by age as:
–four in five 5-7 year olds (82%)
– nearly all 8-11 year olds (96%)
– 12-15 year olds (99%).

The estimated weekly volume of Internet use at home in 2013 increased with the age of the child:
– 6.5 hours for 3-4 year olds
– 6.7 hours for 5-7 year olds
– 9.2 hours for 8-11 year olds
– 17.0 hours for 12-15 year olds

29% of UK children aged 9-16 years old said they had contact online with someone they have not met face to face
4% of UK 9-16 year olds have gone to an offline meeting with someone they first met online
13% of UK 9-16 year olds said they had been bothered or upset by something online in the past year