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Hearing Impaired Unit

All students with hearing-impairment follow a curriculum, which is delivered both in the mainstream and in the Centre. Mainstream lessons are supported by Centre staff that work in partnership with mainstream staff to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which matches individual needs of students. Some students follow the full curriculum while other students follow a modified curriculum with delivery and assessment undertaken in the sound treated Centre.


Communication is determined by the individual language and communication needs of each student. As a Total Communication Unit, the range of methods used includes those based on English (spoken and sign-supported) and British Sign Language.

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Hearing Impaired Vision Statement

Heston Community School's Hearing Impaired Department is committed to providing the best possible quality of education for all our students. It is our belief that all students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum.  Alongside mainstream staff, we ensure the curriculum is differentiated for every individual. We believe that Total Communication contributes to the overall learning experience of our students promoting independence, achievement and a positive school experience. 

Heston Community School is the home for the London Borough of Hounslow's Secondary Hearing Impaired Centre. We recognise the needs of students with hearing impairment and we support the unique position of the deaf community. Deaf culture is an important part of our diverse, multi-cultural society and should be recognised and promoted as such.