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Growth Mindset

Heston launched a Growth Mindset initiative in September 2015. The aim of the initiative is to improve students’ learning through the adoption of Growth Mindset principles. Over many years, research has demonstrated clearly that students with the ‘right’ attitude to learning make the greatest progress.

As the world renowned Stanford University psychologist, Doctor Carol S Dweck states: "Students who understand that intelligence isn’t fixed are more willing to tackle challenges, learn from failure and take criticism as useful feedback." 

Growth Mindset values underpin our learning ethos, our students are fully aware that success, however defined, is achieved through hard work, perseverance and focused practice, based on seeking and responding to feedback. Heston Community School staff, students and parents/carers learn to be resilient, welcome challenge and understand that failure is a necessary part of the journey to success. We believe that there are no upper limits to what our students can achieve if they have the right attitude to learning and display the behaviours necessary for success.

The following videos contain more information about Growth Mindset.

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