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Government and Politics

There is no more current or fast moving subject than that of Government and Politics. If you have an interest in current affairs and how the world of Politics works then this is the subject for you! We run an exciting and highly engaging course that looks at Politics both here and in the United States. Amongst other things the students will find out about why political systems work in the way they do and develop their understanding of the major political parties in both countries. In lessons the students will regularly take part in debates and discussions about the topics they are studying. The subject is also delivered by teachers who care passionately about the subject and the success of the students they teach. The beauty of the study of Politics is that it always topical and students can bring what they see in the news into the class. The Politics Team are strongly committed to getting students to experience politics first hand and in recent years we have run trips to the House of Commons.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13)
In Year 12 students will study about the political system in the UK and look at topics that relate to the main political parties and the level of democracy there is in the UK. At A2 students will investigate the politics of the USA and study recent elections alongside the performance of recent Presidents such as Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Government and Politics is a highly respected course that goes well with other Humanities subjects and English. It also provides an excellent complement for those that might be taking courses in the Sciences. Many students of Politics go on to work in the fields of law, journalism, education and government.