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The NCFE Level 2 Diploma in Sales and Marketing covers a range of business topics.  Students have to complete a certain number of compulsory units, which explore issues such as: customer service, running a project and responding to change in business environment.  In addition to this, they will also learn about digital marketing and law, supporting an event as a team, presentation software and market research. 

 YEAR 12


 Unit 2: Customer Service in a business environment

 Unit 5: Working with others in a business environment

 Unit 7: Contributing to running a project

 Unit 6: Communicate in a business environment.


 Unit 9: Managing and improving own performance in business environment

 Unit 10: Responding to change

 Unit 11:Understanding marketing

 Unit 12: Principles of digital marketing.


 Unit 13: Support the organisation of an event

 Unit 14: Support the coordination of an event

 Unit 15: Complying with legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks in a marketing role

 Unit 16: Presentation software

 Unit 18: Market research. Unit 9: IT Project Management


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