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Careers Education, Information & Guidance

 Careers Fair


Heston Community School is committed to ensuring that all students are provided with impartial information, advice and guidance to support their progression through the school and beyond. The planned Careers Education curriculum is delivered to all year groups, Years 7 – 13, by a team of PSHE staff, supported by the school’s Careers Advisor. Our aim is to engage all students into thinking about their future pathways and careers from an early age and to provide support through independent advice and guidance from a range of external agencies. Students receive information from guest speakers, employers, work place visits, mentoring and in lessons where staff highlight the skills and knowledge gained from their subjects, essential for different careers.


 Careers Fair

Year 7

  • Identifying personal qualities, aptitudes, abilities and interests
  • Beginning to develop awareness of the different range of careers
  • Making decisions
  • Learning journey through school and the decisions to be made

Year 8

  • Exploring current aspirations and identifying areas for personal development
  • Recognising and challenging stereotyping in the workplace
  • Expanding knowledge of different career areas using different sources of information for research
  • GCSE Pathways support and options choices
  • Progression routes from the options and career possibilities

Year 9

  • Relating own skills/interests to particular pathways
  • Reviewing attitudes and values and understanding how personal views impact on decision making and future goals
  • Understanding the importance of transferable/employability skills
  • Labour market information and how this may affect future options
  • Developing an understanding of Post-16 options

Year 10

  • Self-assessment tools – career questionnaires
  • Exploring influences which affect attitudes, values and behaviour
  • Understanding external influences and pressures: media, peer group, family, friends and stereotyping
  • Developing knowledge of Post-16 options, comparing different routes through education
  • Understanding the importance of labour market information
  • Understanding what employers are looking for
  • Developing personal presentation skills

Year 11

  • Ensuring a Post-16 plan is in place and is realistic
  • Comparing all options and choosing the most suitable with a backup plan
  • Making external applications if applicable / backup plan
  • Local Labour Market information

Years 12 and 13

  • Understanding Post-18 pathways including university, apprenticeships and employment
  • Writing a personal statement / CV
  • Researching university courses and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Writing an effective UCAS application Sixth Form networking session
  • Developing interview, presentation and public speaking skills
  • Understanding how to manage finances
  • Visits to universities and work places
  • Guest speakers from higher education institutions and apprenticeships and employment
  • Local Labour Market information


  • Aspiring Futures Careers Fair held annually and open to Years 9 – 13 and parents
  • Kickstart Express for Year 12 students
  • National Apprenticeship Service Fair
  • National Citizenship Scheme Years 11 & 12
  • Strong links with the Hounslow Education Business Partnership [SPARK]

 Career Ready Graduates