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Poetry Workshop with Steve Tasane

Performance Poet Steve Tasane took Year 7 Assembly and ran workshops 

 Poetry Workshop for Year 7 with Steve Tasane

 Steve Tasane in the LRC for hos Year 7 poetry workshop






Performance poet and childrens’ author Steve Tasane wowed Year 7 students with his raps and rhymes in their Assembly and also when he delivered poetry workshops on Friday 8th July.

During the workshop students learned the basics of good poetry writing with a series of games testing their knowledge of beats, syllables and homophones before writing some poetry of their own:

When you’re in Year 7, life’s exciting
Apart from all the times when you do writing
Though bullies beat you or call you names
You cannot wait to get home and play some video games
School can be boring but the teachers are still
ignoring the unchangeable fact that I’m still snoring
I’ve got big ambitions for when I’m grown
Maybe become well known and get my own throne

by Ronan Ahdi 7G


Yo! You want to know what it’s like being us?
It feels like everything’s a big, big fuss
I wish I could time travel so I was grown up now
I’ll probably be an actress and take a bow
When you’re growing up, everything is rough
but we can do this because we are tough
I’ve got big ambitions for when I’m grown up
drinking tea like the Queen from a big, large cup
It might feel like you’re on your own
but growing up you might change your tone
Maybe when you grow up you might be known
so go home or find a gnome
try to book a flight to Rome
I don’t know what your ambitions are
but it might go far
you never know what you can achieve
so fly like a butterfly and be silly

by Sadiyah Rahman Rafah 7O

Ms Sharan Birk - English Teacher 

 Steve Tasane "performing" in Year 7's Assembly