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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition May 25 – 27

The Real DofE Expedition was stress-free compared to the practice. My group and I were a lot more prepared and confident with our routes around Ashdown Forrest. We walked to a lot of beautiful spots, such as Pooh Sticks Bridge, a Windmill, the Friends Clump and more [with a lot of ease with me being the leader!].  Thankfully, the weather was endurable and sunny at the startWe climbed many treacherous hills but worth the view! After our walks [seven hours long], we walked to our campsite - the furthest away from the entrance. We set up our tents, and cooked our five star meals for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely toasty campfire started by the boys, and roasted some marshmallows and had a long talk around the fire. When it came to sleeping in our tents, I was warm in my sleeping bag, but Rianna and Sara couldn't say the same. By the second night, after doing their face masks, they had wrapped themselves in foil blankets, and we all surprisingly slept so well. On the third and last day it rained, and Mrs Jennings had arrived at Ashdown Forest to assess us. By the end, we all had to go find the last group who were lost. I am proud to say we completed the three days without pressing the SOS button or calling for help. Overall, my DofE experience was amazing, so fun and definitely an experience I'll never forget, all thanks to Mr Ghataura, Mr Green and Mr Scott.

Hariny Varathasothy [12G]