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'Moral Maze' Debates for Year 12

The idea of listening to podcasts to gain information, was unfamiliar to me until we took part in the Year 12 'Moral Maze' discussions. Radio 4's 'Moral Maze' was particularly interesting as it presented multiple viewpoints on a heated topic, such as 'Cancel Culture' and the 'Nature of God', with passionate speakers.

Our groups then engaged in our own discussions, where each of us formulated our own opinions on the topic and debated. An example of one of our discussion points was 'It is good to be lazy in the work place'. Through our discussions we realised that innovation and new ideas are often driven by the human desire to do less work.

These sessions focused on key transferable skills, such as evaluation, critical thinking, and most importantly, expressing a point of view. It provided valuable insight into how debating will be used throughout our lifetimes.

Overall, the experience of listening to the podcasts and engaging in the subsequent group discussion were enlightening and highlighted the benefits of developing these skills for university and beyond.

Arjun Sidhu [Year 12]