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Culture Day, 12 December 2022

We asked for a Culture Day to celebrate the rich and diverse communities of our School.  This should have initially happened in the Summer, but it was cancelled due to the heat wave.  We are so pleased that this has now taken place.  The students and the teachers came out in force in the cultural dress that represented them.  It was so nice to see the colours, styles and fashion of different parts of the world.  Given the success of Culture Day 2022, I am sure this now will be permanent feature of the Heston Calendar

Maryam Hussain [13C] and Najib Noor [13F]

It was a nice event where students from so many different cultures showcased their countries of origin of their parents or grandparents.  This event really brought out the importance of the community we have here at Heston and how diverse it truly is.

Kaia Hall [8Y]

Picture: Jasmeen Kaur [11B]