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The Senior Students felt that at Christmas, a time when families want to socialise and spend time together, was not time for families in Hounslow to be worried about whether they could afford to feed their children.  This is an endeavour that our entire school community takes pride in. Having it as an annual event supports our Hestonian values, in particular equality, with the sense that we are able to provide for the whole community with basic needs such as food. The conversation with the Food Box employees was eye-opening; they remarked on how much passion they have for providing those in need and how COVID has made the situation in our local community worse. They thanked us for helping them to be able to feed local families especially those with children. This is not something that only enriched our experience as students to be more productive in the community, but has sent a message to students in all other year groups allowing them to learn more about why charitable works are so important.  

Manroze Purewal and Layla Januda 

[Senior Students]