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C O N T E N T S : Issue 1 01. Importance of Cultural Awareness- is enough being done ? 03. Book Launch 07. Writing Competition 09. Heston Art Gallery 11. Interest Pieces 13. Debate - Do we need the monarchy ? 14. Cross Word 15. Word Search

IMPORTANCE OF Cultural awareness serves as a vital foundation for fostering understanding and harmony in our increasingly interconnected global society. Recognizing and appreciating the customs, traditions, and perspectives of diverse cultures not only enriches our personal lives but also cultivates tolerance and empathy. This awareness becomes particularly crucial in navigating the intricate tapestry of cross-cultural interactions, whether in professional environments, social settings, or international relations, helping individuals bridge gaps and build meaningful connections. Furthermore, cultural awareness plays a pivotal role in preventing misunderstandings and conflicts stemming from cultural differences. Embracing cultural diversity contributes to the creation of a more inclusive and open-minded society, where collaboration and mutual learning among people from various backgrounds become catalysts for addressing global challenges collectively. As we acknowledge the importance of cultural awareness, it becomes imperative to recognize and celebrate the significance of various holidays and commemorations. January 15 marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day, prompting reflection on the ongoing fight for racial equality. On January 27, the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust serves as a solemn reminder to honour and remember those lost and renew our commitment to preventing such atrocities. February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrates the critical contributions of women and girls in science, aiming for greater equity in these fields.

page 17 CULTURAL AWARENESS Is enough being done? The calendar continues with notable events such as Ramadan on March 10, emphasizing fasting, reflection, and community in Islam. On April 13, Vaisakhi is celebrated, signifying the start of the harvest season and the Sikh New Year. Despite the significance of these occasions, many other holidays and celebrations often go unnoticed. It is crucial to recognize and acknowledge these diverse cultural milestones to foster a richer, more interconnected global community. This also allows to build a stronger and more tolerant relationship and the ability to understand one another. Novels by authors outside of the Western ‘canon’

A R T I C L E B Y S O M E O N E BOOK LAU CH On Tuesday, the school held a party to celebrate our published writers; students at our school now have their work in an anthology titled ‘Perspectives’. Ms. Kyriacou, our literacy guide, was also extremely proud of the students' accomplishments as she supplied them all with a copy of the published book and held the celebration in the library of our school. This celebration involved gathering some of our extremely talented writers together to acknowledge their talents and read their now published writings together. They were surrounded with an array of snacks, drinks, music and entertainment. It was a celebratory event to help relax our authors and appreciate their talents while having a gratified time

WHAT DID THE STUDENTS OF HESTON THINK OF “PERSPECTIVES” ? The students were left feeling elevated and satisfied at their achievements while we watched and marvelled at their hard work and dedication to the task despite their lack of free time due to revision and upcoming mocks. However, it was clear they were able to manage their time splendidly as we read their short and meaningful stories. We watched as the students recognised their achievements and learnt the value of their own writing and the liberty in expressing a variety of topics including war and struggle. The published writings included poems and short stories discussing an array of strong themes and ideas that were expressed beautifully.

“Right, lets see if they got it all right about me in this documentary series,” said Barthomelew Jr. Barthomelew Jr., or more commonly referred to as Mr. Savior or Bart, has put this beautiful part of Bikini Bottom on his back. Countless lives had been saved by his hands let alone his cape and mind. He had taken the duty of our late heroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, onto his shoulders. Barthomelew carries on their legacy to ensure such crimes never happen again. From his upbringing in the household of Mermaid Man, he had a rough childhood when he had to be hidden from the public eye. However, he did not have to hide his ‘Bart’ side. writing competiton You might be wondering what I mean. Let me ask you this. Who has to see you as only Mermaid Man’s son. Can’t you have a new life…be two different people at once? His fake identity was Bart and he just said his parents died and he is in the arms of his grandmother. In reality, he saw his brother die as a child and could not do anything but watch. This sparked a light inside him and suddenly he started to fly, slowing down time as a cape appeared on his back. His powers involve flying, breathing air, stopping time and swimming really fast. He has a shell for a nose, just like his father, with a hat and cape. He believes his purpose is to serve and PARTY! Alright, NOW WHO’S STALKING ME?!” Bellowed Bart. Students took on the challenge to create their own fictional universe, crafting their own characters and backstories for a writing competition Created by Danvir Sing (7G) Character Name: Barthomelew Jr. Universe: SpongeBob SquarePants

Created by: Eva Chan (8O) Character’s Name: Miri Universe: Spy X Family Miri goes to the prestigious school, Eden Academy, just like the main character’s (Loid) adopted daughter (Anya). Miri is fourteen years old and had a younger sister. Her sister died in an accident, causing Miri to go into depression which triggered her anger issues. Miri is an Imperial scholar; an Imperial Scholar is a rank in Eden Academy which is rare and difficult to achieve. Eight stella stars are required to reach the rank of Imperial Scholar and the only way to obtain stella stars is via scoring the highest in a test or through performing long term community service and heroic acts such as saving a life or assisting the police outside of academic achievements. Miri got her rank mostly through her intelligence and because of this quality, she knows that the main protagonist is a spy. Upon her sister’s death, she started to hate young kids especially seeing how happy since they are caused her to think of the missed opportunities with her family. Most people know Miri for being the quiet and secretive one but she just observes everything before forming an opinion. As a result of this, she gets bullied, however when this occurs, Miri lashes out and shouts and will occasionally attempt to attack her perpetrators but her only friend (Kanako) will stop her so as to avoid Miri losing her rank as Imperial Scholar. Miri moved to Ostania (the fictional country where the story is set) when she was just two years old. Miri hates spies because she firmly believes spies killed her sister. This belief has caused her to despise Loid and his fake family. On multiple occasions she has tried to sabotage Loid’s mission hence their bad relationship. Miri’s parents are rich but are not always around so she is mostly alone with no siblings to entertain.

In a mystical world there’s a school called Celestial Haven Secondary School. In this place, majority of people are gifted with supernatural abilities passed down from both their mother and father. Some students, known as the ‘normals’, are powerless and are accepted into Celestial Haven Secondary School as their parents work within the school grounds. These students are mostly not spoken to by any magic-obtaining student and are left to be as if they were invisible. There is one girl called Morana Fusco. Despite being a ‘normal’, Morana makes friends with some of the most popular girls in the school. At first, they all seem to get along well, and Morana’s personality captivates them all. But in reality, the Fusco family has always been the most formidable and malicious family to have ever lived. Morana is beautiful and always gets away with things. Although sometimes she avoids suspicion by allowing unpleasant events to take place in her life at the hands of others, but she always wins in the end. Sometimes Morana’s true side reveals itself, but she makes certain it’s only seen and targeted at the ‘normals’ who no one ever seems to care about. Character’s Name: Mohammed Haling (The Protector of Arabia) Universe: Marvel He is brave, courageous, gifted, strong and strict leader who always leads his army to victory with his fighting skills. He lives in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He is a leader and a warrior who fights his enemies. Mohammed was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Twelve years later, he was very unusual as he got power. These powers are creating thunder and causing fires. With powers like his, he joined the military to defend Mecca. After a few years, the Americans came to invade. Twenty-four-yearold Mohammed was prepared against Captain America. The battle began on September 14th 1957 at 12:37am. Soldiers died but the battle of the leaders began. Captain America started by striking with his shield. Mohammed retaliated with a lightning strike that injured Captain America. With rage, Captain America sliced Mohammed’s sword in half. The ring that Mohammed had on summoned a creature which destroyed the whole American army. The Arabians were victorious and Mohammed was then called ‘The Protector of Arabia’. The Fusco’s have the power of manipulation, control, and torture. Throughout their family, evil students have always naturally married one another, producing a more villainous child and with each descendant, their powers from their ancestors before them, have grown stronger within them. The Fusco’s are aware of the danger this could attract if people find out, so they keep as hidden as they can. But Morana, unlike the rest of her family, takes occasional risks to practice her powers and destroy the lives of those who cross her. Created by Anneka Chumber (9G) Character Name: Morana Fusco Universe: Unknown

Zayd Rahman (7G) Character’s Name: Sammin Universe: The Infernal Devices He originates from a fantasy land, unidentified by most people, named Hyrute where he developed his abilities under the refuge against a mendacious, malicious calamity. Sammin is a god-like mundane, who somehow in some way, got to the multiverse of ‘The Infernal Devices’. A mystical, unknown land based on rage and melancholy. The number of victorious battles he has participated and contributed in are still anonymous but stories that are older than the famous Stonehenge itself inform us that he has won 3141 times. His motto is “No Pain No Gain” as his power comes as a result of grief and the mourning of his parents’ death. His courageous parents died in a reckless shooting that killed over 1500 people. However, the death that he was saddest about was his mother’s murder. As his mother collapse before his own eyes, he saw a radiant stone fall out of her ring. It was as scarlet as blood but as small as a paracetamol! But the most important thing is that the shatter of its intricate structure caused a corrupt portal to appear which led to another dimension His abilities are: ‘Brain Buster’ – a powerful headlock that munches on your brain ‘Electric Dragon Roundhouse Kick’ – a mighty foot slam that sends people flying ‘Zero Mercy’ – a mighty combo that can kill people from even the nanosecond you touch them.




I love reading. However, it was not until this year that I recognised all the positive attributes that reading can give us. Every genre has its own unique properties which can contribute to each of our individual mind-sets. Reading non-fiction will widen your vocabulary whilst fictional stories (such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Kite Runner’, and ‘Frankenstein’) can help with concentration and creativity. This is because the writers use different language techniques to appeal to the targeted audience. Therefore, each reader would recognise the formality of the writer and use it in their own writing when appropriate. I love reading. So should you. It is not just for the intellect but for the joy it brings. Katharine 8P Sports clubs are a great way to stay healthy, have fun and make new friend. They can provide many benefits to your personal development - such as soft skills - and make healthy connections. There is even a study which states that 45% of strong friendships comes from social studies and clubs. Furthermore, it can decrease the likelihood of chronic diseases. For me, sports club is a good way to look at life especially when clubs at Heston are free and offers a sense of pride. It also enriches my confidence and self-esteem which makes me a better person. Ashford 8G One of my favourite artists is Paula Scher. Her work is incredibly inspiring and influential in the world of Graphic Design. Her use of bright colours, typography, and unique style sets her apart from other artists. One of her most famous work is her world map drawing which showcases her creativity and ability to reimagine traditional concepts. Scher took a plain map and made a unique and artistic interpretation of it. Paula Scher also links to our Hestonian values as she shows ambition through her bold and daring approach to design. She fearlessly experiments with colours, shapes and pushes the boundaries of artistic traditions. Her work reflects a sense of ambition in its ability to challenge and create something truly unique and impactful. By constantly pushing herself creatively and taking risks, she creates ground-breaking designs that leave a long lasting impression. Harleen 10B


When King Charles was crowned on the 6th of May 2023, the role of the Monarchy and its values have been put under intense scrutiny. Supporters of the monarchy argue that having a King or Queen supplies a sense of national identity and overall stability to one’s country of residence, however critics of The Monarchy believe otherwise, saying that the mere presence of an autocracy is encouraging elitism and inequality. In this debate, I will justify my point of view on this matter, which is that Charles the III should be the last Monarch. My first point is that The Royal Family have had a host of controversies throughout its mere existence. Take the incident concerning Prince William’s Godmother, Lady Susan Hussey, and a black domestic abuse campaigner, Ngozi Fulani. The Lady had said to the campaigner, “Where do you come from?” to which the woman replied, “I’m British, and my company is based in Boston.” The royal continued to interrogate the poor woman, resulting to her asking “Which part of Africa do you come from?” This example is far from being the only occasion the Monarchy’s racism has been shown to the public eye and highlights how backwards the monarchy is. Even the very premise of the British royal family ruling over Britain is backwards, as the ‘Divine Right Of Kings’ (A political doctorate established in the 1300s, stating that the monarchy is chosen by ‘god’ to rule) is still partially valid, as the monarchy is still around to this day, even though England is a largely atheist nation in the present day. My last point is that of the monarchy having dark connotations to slavery, colonialism and overall racism and sexism. The Royal Family once ruled over a third of the world, mercilessly butchering thousands of people to get land that was never meant to be owned by the British. They aided in the Atlantic slave trade, a major violation to human rights, and got rid of the ‘first born son’ shenanigans only 20 years ago, in 2003. In conclusion, I believe, using logic and facts, that Charles the III, should be the last British Monarch, to preserve Britain’s moral standards and dignity. Despite the disagreement during and after the crowning of King Charles III, the economic and political benefit of the monarchy is often overlooked since King Charles and The Monarchy are under constant scrutiny by the public. To continue this debate, I will be discussing why The British Monarchy should continue after King Charles the III and justify my reasoning behind this. My first point discussing the political benefits of The Monarchy is that they are ‘The Head of State’ meaning they are at the top of the government and all new laws and the choosing of Prime Ministers of the UK must be approved by them. This is highly beneficial to the UK as profoundly serious situations like war will be announced by the Prime Minister but, only on behalf of The Crown, proving their legislative power. A Wikipedia article says, ‘Any proposed law which does affect prerogative powers requires the King’s Consent, although the armed forces, as servants of the King, can sometimes be a special case.’ In countries where a Monarchy is not present often have a risk of dictators holding complete control of those countries; These dictators have a role of presidency within the country (such as Kim Jong Un in North Korea). Monarchy like King Charles III prevent potential dictators like Prime Ministers and Presidents from having too much governmental and military power as well as national control. My last point discusses the economic benefits of the presence of a Monarchy in the UK. For decades, The Royal Family has brought in millions of tourists from all corners of the globe, most interested in the symbol of the ‘British National Identity, unity and pride.’ Famous tourist attractions related to the Monarchy are Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle (generating 1,432,260 visitors and an estimated £150m worth of trade for the UK each year in 2017) as well as tourist shops selling merchandise attributed to The Royal Family. Also, the UK has one of the very few remaining empires in the world with fourteen countries including Australia and New Zealand proving their global influence. Furthermore, American tourists who account for the largest part of the UK’s tourism market still value The Royal Family and it is still the Top 1 reason why Americans visit the UK (according to ‘The Gentleman’s Journal’ and ‘Rosehill Travel’) which illustrates their relevancy in the modern day where many might view them as not so relevant. To conclude, whilst it is true that The Monarchy doesn’t have as much power and relevancy as it had many decades ago, besides the obvious hindrances pertaining to The Royal Family, it still has many benefits to the UK, especially economic benefits which are crucial to UK during this difficult time and so I believe The Monarchy should continue after King Charles III.

Overall, I gave this book a 5-star rating because of how it hooks the reader and always keeps them wanting to know what is coming next. - HASHIR BABAR Alexandrian fishers find the body of a skeleton floating upright at the bottom of the sea, anchored in place by a cement weight around his feet. In Alexandria's rough-and-tumble construction trade, they call that 'being fitted with a pair of sandals'. He was the second victim. Not only that, but important files and intel about people are going missing in the library. Cleopatra is busy rebuilding her city after the Alexandrian War, and these murders are not to be allowed to interfere with this primary task. So, she charges Tetisheri, her new Eye of Isis, to try to find the culprit behind the bizarre events. “A really epic adventure into Ancient Egypt” The disappearance of a Scribe supplies a vivid insight into the story of the Eye of Cleopatra, Tetisheri, as she investigates the missing body of a young man - a scribe who had potential. Who or what this man was, I shall leave it to you to figure out. This is a fantastic book for worldbuilding in many ways, as it brings the Hellenistic World to life in a way that is often left out for mainstream readers. Alexandria in Cleopatra's time was one of the most vibrant cities of all time and served as a cultural gateway connecting Romans, Greeks, and other neighbours from different kingdoms. It was also a time of political warfare and increasing Roman incursions into the Ptolemaic Kingdom. A must-read for most thriller lover. - ASHFORD FALCAO Exploring the Literary "I enjoyed reading this book. It showed me the two points of view of two siblings and how one of them was having difficulties communicating with his family, resorting to talking to his toy monkey. The older sibling's perspective sheds light on how their family is affected by his behaviour." - SARAH MIRANDA "Blue Lock is an anime based on football, with the main character named Yoichi Isai. He is an upcoming footballer who enters a tournament to compete for a spot on the Japan national team and eventually gets scouted." - SAAD AKHKTAR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - A Unique Take to Book writing. "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" by Holly Jackson is a murder/thriller book. You explore the story of Pippa Fitz-Amobi, a young girl enthusiastic about her studies and her difficult attempt to uncover the true mysteries of the murder of Andie Bell, disguised as her EPQ project. The author perfectly executes this tale with creative imagery, keeping the reader engaged. Not only that, but we also see a unique and different writing style in the form of Pippa's EPQ. In between normal chapters, we explore the Production Logs of Pippa and how they progress, finding new information about the case and how the Persons of Interest List expands and ties in with the horrifying truth of Andie Bell's murder. -Unknown Author Landscape: Book Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'I have no secrets' is about a girl named Jemma who has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal; this means she can hear you and can see you, but she cannot speak or communicate. She is a foster child. Her foster family has experimented with assistive communication, and in the past, they have tried to help her communicate with others, but by the end, nothing works. Her family is quite happy, and she has a carer named Sarah. Most people mostly think she cannot understand, but she can, and she has a secret. If you want to know the secret, read ‘I have no secret.’ I 100% will encourage people to read this book because it says the power of positive thinking can help you stay positive in your life when it is hard. It will also help people to be kind to those who are disabled or have any mental problems. It will make people, including us, understand that if someone cannot speak and has any problem, they can still hear and understand you. So, we should not discount them by thinking they cannot do anything. It would also encourage people to achieve and see their dreams. No matter who you are, how you are, and what problems you have, this book will help you understand that everyone can achieve their aims if they try hard. One lesson I learned from this is to be kind to everyone because even if they cannot communicate with you verbally, they will be influenced by the words you use. Also, do not think that you have a problem or that someone else, through their challenges, cannot do anything. Lastly, according to the author, positive thoughts can attract good things into your life, and this book explains the path to a happy and joyful life. This book will also aid people in realizing that they are not the only ones experiencing difficult times. It will explain to them that after a dark and gloomy night, there is always a bright and beautiful life. Individuals who are facing challenging times should read this book, so they can understand that their problems are minor compared to the struggles of the girl in the story. It will encourage people to keep a positive and kind demeanour towards everybody and to pursue their dreams relentlessly, leading to eventual achievement. – ZUBAIDA MALIK ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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