Heston Times - Winter 2023

1 DEPUTY HEADTEACHER MESSAGE It is my great pleasure to introduce the seventh edition of the Heston Times, written by our students, to share their experiences, interests and accomplishments. Once again, August brought the long awaited ‘Results Days’ for our GCSE, ALevel, BTEC and new T-Level students. The much reported National disappointment, with thousands failing to secure University or Sixth Form places, was not the experience of our students and the anticipated doom and gloom was replaced by a sea of squeals, hugs and tears of joy as our students opened their results with pride in their achievements. We are extremely proud of our best ever A-Level results [66% A*-B], further cementing our place as one of the best Sixth Forms in Hounslow and in the top 10% of Schools for progress at A-Level in the country. I am delighted that so many of our Year 11 students returned, smartly dressed in suits, to start the next phase of their academic journey, along with a number of students from other local schools. Congratulations to all our students, staff and parents – we know the hard work, energy and resilience it takes to support your child in achieving those Examination Results. Highlights of a packed Autumn Term include our Paris 2024 Olympic themed Arts Super Learning Day; Geography Coastal Field trips to Hengistbury Head and Slapton Sands; a mixture of success and defeat in basketball, football and netball fixtures, as well as our annual Careers Fair with over 30 external delegates. It was wonderful to see eighteen of our KS4 students become published authors in a collection of poems and short stories in ‘Perspectives’, produced in collaboration with the Hounslow Action Youth Creative Writing Project. The KS3 Spooky Stories competition and the KS5 Controversial Question Essay competition also highlighted our students’ writing flair. Our students thrived in the Jack Petchey Speak-Out Challenge and the English Speaking Union National Public Speaking event. Literacy and oracy development continue to be of utmost importance at Heston. I am sure you will agree that some of the most treasured memories from school are our experiences outside of the classroom. As you read through this newsletter, please discuss with your child what they have been involved in or would like to join. With sports clubs in badminton, basketball, football, netball, dodgeball and fitness; music opportunities in choir, guitar ensemble or lessons in most instruments; academic clubs including electronics, art, science, history, film, coding, chess, Book-Tok, debating and societies such as Law, Medicine and Engineering there really is something for everyone. The School site continues to improve with significant investment into new windows, flooring and wiring, full refurbishments of male and female changing rooms, Fitness Gym and the installation of our new Cricket Nets — I strongly encourage you to view our new school video, which can be found on our website. On behalf of the Staff and Governors at Heston, I wish you a restful Winter holiday with loved ones. We look forward to welcoming the students back for a productive and successful 2024. Beth Hart Deputy Headteacher UPCOMING EVENTS January 08/01: Staff Inset Day [5] 09/01: Yr. 12 Assessments begin Yr. 11 & 13 Mocks begin BTEC Examinations 29/01: GCSE French Speaking Mocks begin February 05/02: Enrichment Week 08/02: Post 16 Parents’ Evening [Virtual] 19/02: Late start for students [10:30] 22/02: Yr. 9 Parents’ Evening [Virtual] 27/02: Post 16 External Interviews 29/02: Yr. 11 Academic Progress Meetings March 05/03: Yr. 10 Parents’ Evening [Virtual] 06/03: Yr. 11 School Photographs Yr. 13 School Photographs The Heston Times Winter 2023

2 2023 A LEVEL AND BTEC RESULTS HESTON WELCOMES ITS NEW ENTRANTS TO OUR SIXTH FORM My experience at Heston has been very welcoming. As an external student, I was worried about making friends as I knew no one in this school. Luckily, my fears were not realised as I now have the best group of friends that help with anything I need in school. The teachers are strict but lovely and push you to work hard in order to do well. Overall, my Heston experience has been phenomenal and if you are looking for a school who will care and look after you and help you to aspire to your goals, Heston is the one you should choose. Hafsa, 12H I joined Heston Sixth Form as I heard that their students achieve some of the best A Level results in the Borough. This really helped me recognise how high their standards are and reassured me that I will also be able to do well on my course. So far, my experience at Heston has been excellent and I have met a lot of new people who have been very welcoming. The teachers really care about you and I’m glad I chose to come here. Luqman Abdi, 12A A Level Results Day is one filled with great anticipation and delight and this year, despite the turbulence of the last few years, was no exception. This year, A Levels returned to their prepandemic format, with this cohort writing their first public examinations. Headteacher, Ranjit Berdesha commented, “We are absolutely delighted to be able to celebrate these results with our Year 13 students. As a year group they have shown great resilience, especially in light of the challenges experienced during and after the pandemic. We are very proud of the individual successes and wish all our students well as they embark on their Post 18 destinations.” This year has seen some stunning achievements across the year group and we are thrilled that the vast majority will now be able to attend their first choice university, with several securing coveted degree and higher apprenticeships in a range of disciplines. Others will take up traineeships and employment opportunities in various fields including Accounting and Finance, and Healthcare. This year nearly a quarter of our students achieved A*- A. We are also proud to report that two thirds of our students achieved A* - B grades. This means that our achievement at this level is the highest in Hounslow. The average grade across all subjects was B, with a similar level of achievement in BTECs. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Heston staff and families who supported our students to achieve, despite England’s return to pre-pandemic grading. Well done to all and we wish you well as you navigate the next phase of your education and training.

3 GCSE RESULTS 2023 MEET THE SENIOR TEAM Each edition we will be introducing members of the Senior Student Team. Head Girl – Taran Bansal, 12G Studying: A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. AS-Level in Extended Project Qualification Favourite Book: Fifty Fifty – Steve Cavanagh Aspirations: Natural Sciences. Taran tutors Y11 students in Maths and Science. She leads the Biology and Law Societies. Literacy Leader - Arshil Warsi, 12F Studying: A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Economics Favourite Book: 1984 – George Orwell Aspirations: Biomedical Sciences. Arshil supervises and supports younger students in the Library. He tutors Y11 students in Maths and Science. In addition, he leads the Biology, Economics and Literary Societies. Senior Student - Saniya Sharma, 12G Studying: A-Levels in Maths, Psychology and Economics Favourite Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khalid Hosseini Aspirations: Accounting Degree Apprenticeship. Saniya has worked as part of the team to organise events such as the Cultural Fusion Show. She is part of the Economics, Law and Biology Societies. WELCOME TO COUNCILLOR SHANTANU RAJWAT We were delighted to welcome Councillor Shantanu Rajwat, Leader of Hounslow Council, on GCSE Results Day to share the joys and successes of our students as they received their results. Cllr Rajwat is an exstudent himself and said “Going back to Heston Community School reminded me of my time there and how I was inspired to study history, which I found fascinating, and it laid a really solid foundation for further learning and career development.” Congratulations to all our students collecting their GCSE examination results today. We are delighted that so many of them will be returning to our ‘Outstanding’ Sixth Form. He a d t e a c he r , Ra n j i t B e r de s h a , commented: “I am extremely proud of the hard work and commitment, from both our students and staff.” “This journey could not have been possible without the many people who have supported me. I couldn’t have done it without you. I couldn’t ever have dreamed of getting these grades. To the next chapter! '“- Alisha, 11G 'First of all, I would like to thank Heston and all my teachers for helping me and the great amount of effort put into teaching me. Overall there were a myriad of emotions yet nonetheless I was successful and thankful.’ Sehraj, 11B

4 YEAR 7 BOYS FOOTBALL VICTORY OVER SPRINGWEST 7-1 This was the first game of the season for both teams. In the early stages, Heston had created the better build up play. Having more possession of the ball. The first goal came f rom the lef t . Zacharia Vohra closed the ball to Jaiden Verma. A couple of minutes later Heston had a corner. It w a s b e a u t i f u l l y crossed into the box where Rashan Madhas scored with a well-placed volley to for the second goal. At the end of the first half Heston were winning 4-0. In the second half both teams were keen to score more goals. Springwest counter attacked on a number of occasions by w e r e s t o p p e d b y defenders Alex Prince and Cezar Stavarachi. A lapse in concentration allowed Springwest back into the game with a goal mouth s c r amb l e r e su l t i ng a Springwest goal. Heston c o n t i n u e d t o b e dangerous from corners with another goal being score from a well-placed cross and header from Rashan Madhas. Heston continued to create a number of chances in the second half with goals from Zacharia Vohra and great individual goal from Enver Daci holding off defenders to cut inside and shoot to score. Heston finish the game winning 7 goals to 1. Raphael Conner, 7B WELCOME, YEAR 7 STUDENTS Welcome to Year 7 students to Heston Community School! We are thrilled to welcome you all to our school community. Your journey with us has begun on a very positive note, with your commitment to working together and supporting one another. This collaborative spirit is the foundation for a successful and fulfilling time at Heston Community School. Year 7 will be filled with exciting opportunities, new friendships, and a wide range of learning experiences. Our dedicated teachers and staff are here to guide you, nurture your talents, and help you overcome challenges. Remember, you are not alone in this journey; you have a whole school family here to support you. As Year 7 students, you will be embarking on a crucial phase of your educational journey, and we want to make sure it's both enjoyable and rewarding. Be curious, ask questions, and don't be afraid to explore new subjects and interests. Embrace the values of respect, kindness, honesty, ambition and resilience that make our school a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. We encourage you to get involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and events to enrich your school experience and develop new skills. Heston Community School is not just a place for academics; it's a place to discover your passions, talents, and the potential that lies within you. The pantomime trip stands as a testament to the school's dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who have access to wide ranging experiences that enrich their school experience. Welcome to Heston Community School, Year 7! Let's make this a memorable and successful year together. If you ever need guidance or support, our doors are always open. Mrs Ryan, Yr. 7 Learning Coordinator

5 MY TRANSITION TO HESTON COMMUNITY SCHOOL “Moving to secondary school is an exciting experience because you get to explore new buildings, have different teachers and learn new subjects. However, it can be quite scary because you might be worried about making new friends, having new teachers or not being able to find your way around the school – I know I was! All the teachers are kind and caring and you can go to them at any time to help you with your work or any problems you have and they will always try their best to help you. I have also enjoyed learning about lots of new and different subjects that I did not have the opportunity to learn about in primary school, for example, Food Technology and Computer Science. My favourite thing so far is being about to use the vast school fields every day freely to play all sorts of sports with my friends during break times. I am now looking forward to starting all the new exciting clubs that I have signed up to and learning many new skills.” Ibhrahim Chaudhri, 7P “When I first came to Heston, I was excited, but I was also scared. I was worried about making new friends, doing my homework well, amongst other things. On my first day at school, I met many new people and even made some new friends. When going to lessons, I got lost a few times, but there were teachers to help me. At the end of the first week, I was feeling confident and I was fully settled into Heston. I really love it here.” Jakub Zawrotniak, 7W “My first week of Year 7 has been exciting. Before school started, I was worried about starting secondary school for reasons such as making friends, getting lost and managing my homework. I am very happy at Heston because of all the welcoming students and helpful teachers. In my opinion, I think Heston is a great school with exciting opportunities. This school has made me more confident and independent. I can’t wait to spend my next 5 years at Heston Community School.” Ikram Abdulahi, 7R “Before I entered the school gates on my first day, I was feeling nervous but as I was greeted at the gate with warm smiles, I felt instantly better. We then went on to do some fun activities which our class and got to know each other a little more. On the second day, we were given our timetables and planners which had room numbers that made it easier to find. I am now familiar with all my classes and teachers. Overall, I have had a very good experience at Heston Community School and a good and positive start to my Heston journey.” Harjas Mann, 7O “My first week at Heston Community School was wonderful . Everyone has been lovely to me and to the other new Year 7’s – especially when I get lost. I really like the selection of clubs available, as there is a club for everyone. At first, I was scared of starting a new school as I thought that the teachers were going to be very strict and give us a lot of homework. Then I realised that it is not that scary, providing you do not put yourself in a situation where you get my detentions and forget your homework. I really like the Hestonian values and how they encourage me and others to do our best inside and outside school. I am really looking forward to Year 7; I think I can learn a lot in the subjects that I am being taught. I hope to have a fantastic 7 years at this school and make amazing memories with all my friends and teachers.” Asees Kloay, 7Y FUTURE OLYMPIAN GYMNAST My name is Olivia Cargnello Savvas and I have been doing Gymnastics since I was 4 years old. I now train 17 hours over 5 days per week. Due to several injuries, I had not been able to compete for almost a year. At the beginning of October 2023, I competed in a London c o mp e t i t i o n a n d placed Silver overall. I also got Bronze for the Beam and Vault for individual pieces. My overall score got me a place on the official London Team as a reserve. Being an elite gymnast is my passion and I am very p r o u d o f m y achievements and aim to make it to the C o m m o n w e a l t h G ame s a n d t h e Olympics. With hard work and determination, we can all achieve our goals.

6 YEAR 12 The first autumn half-term is always an exciting one for our Year 12 students, who gain a heightened degree of independence but also learn how to adapt to the higher expectations of Sixth Form. In order to facilitate student’s smooth transition, the Sixth Form team hosted a series of workshops and guest speakers to discuss Post 18 pathways but also to ensure that students are prepared to take on the challenges of pursuing A Levels. At Heston, Careers Guidance is one of our key priorities and we place great emphasis on ensuring students are supported early on in their career journey. Students were introduced to programmes such as Uptree and K+, which are designed to guide and mentor them on their journey to higher education and high quality apprenticeships. Additionally, during Super Learning Day, Year 12 students focused on their interview skills with a workshop aimed at preparing them for both university and apprenticeship admissions interviews. Our transition programme is also aimed at improving our students’ preparedness for the wider world and helping them take ownership of their learning. As a result, each year, following rigorous interviews, students are meticulously selected to be a part of our Senior Team. This year’s Senior Students have been given clear and specific roles and are already working on their first school production with our upcoming Cultural Fusion show. With lessons now well under way, the entire cohort is now acutely aware of the importance of hard work, resilience and unwavering ambition. Miss Forrest Learning Co-Ordinator FROM OUR YEAR GROUPS ACROSS THE SCHOOL YEAR 8 The Year 8s had a fantastic start to this academic year.. They have taken full advantage of broadening their learning by signing up for the various enrichment clubs on offer and we have had 95% sign up by students and their attendance has been consistently good. Beyond the classroom, we had a Spooky story competition keeping in tune with Halloween where students had an opportunity to showcase their creative writing skills. Students in Year 8 excelled in the KS 3 category and were placed in the top 4. Special mention to the following students who were winners of the competition, Highly commended: Amelia Salkanovic (8W), First place: Eva Chan (8O), Second Place : Ariza Nathani (8W), ThIrd place: Maryam Ali (8O)and Fourth place there was a tie between Zara Sultana (7P) and Katharine Massey Jones (8P). Below is the story written by Emelia Mr Andhee, Learning Co-Ordinator You have always been a light sleeper, but the thunderstorm raging outside is making it impossible for you to fall asleep. You toss and turn in your bed, trying to find a comfortable position, but every time you close your eyes, another crash of thunder jolts you awake. The storm seems to be getting closer and louder, as if it is angry with you for some reason. You lay there, eyes open and outward, looking at your room stretching out before you in oblong shadows. The lightning flashes intermittently, casting eerie shapes on the walls and ceiling. Your eyes move from nameless object to object, until you reach your mirror, sitting adjacent to you across the room. Tonight, the mirror seems different. It seems darker, more sinister, as if it is hiding something from you. You stare at it, trying to see your reflection, but the glass is too dim and murky. You wonder if you should get up and turn on the light, but you are too afraid to move. You feel a strange sensation of being watched, as if someone or something is lurking behind the mirror, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Suddenly, a flash of lightning and the mirror flickers in illumination. For a scant, second the mirror reveals to you dozens of faces, silhouettes within its frame, mouths open and eyes blackened. They stare out at you, their black pupils fixed upon your face. They look like twisted versions of yourself, distorted by pain and fear. Some of them are screaming silently; others are laughing maniacally. You see them all at once, a horrifying collage of nightmares. As the lightning recedes, the mirror reverts to its usual state. You blink, rubbing your eyes, questioning the reality of the faces you saw. You attempt to dismiss it as fatigue-induced hallucinations, yet an unshakeable sense of dread persists. Sleep eludes you for the rest of the night. You convince yourself it was merely a nightmare, nothing more. But you’re mistaken. In the bathroom, you notice the faucet running by itself. Startled yet hesitant to react, you try to rationalize your growing paranoia. However, as steam rises and condensation forms on the mirror, words appear. The scrawled handwriting seems as if traced by a finger, intensifying your fear. On the mirror, there it was written: “Please come back”. ‘’We want to watch you sleep.” YEAR 9 I am incredibly proud of the progress made by our Year 9 students. They have transitioned into Year 9 with remarkable maturity, which is crucial at this pivotal juncture where they select their academic pathways for GCSE and vocational courses. This level of maturity signifies their readiness to make informed decisions about their educational future. Moreover, it's evident that this cohort maintains a positive attitude towards learning and a can-do mindset, eagerly seizing all opportunities to enhance their academic abilities and personal growth. Beyond the confines of the classroom, these students are actively participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as the girl’s football team who played their first match, beating Reach Academy 3-1 with Angela scoring all three goals. The Public Speaking Competition, organised by Mrs Kyriacou who praised Luna and Anneka for their efforts “It’s been a sheer pleasure seeing students collaborating, sharing ideas and supporting each from years 9 to 11,” were her comments following the event This term you have shown what a true learning community can be. I've seen self-governance, a development of independent study skills, and truly critical minds at work. This is a testament of our students’ commitment to holistic development and their desire to enrich both themselves and the broader school community. Mr Abdulla, Learning Co-Ordinator

7 YEAR 10 The Year 10 Team have been in awe at the maturity and resilience displayed as they take on the challenges of preparing for public examinations in Year 11. Many students have been speaking with excitement around being able to study the subjects they are passionate about and all students have been working hard academically to ensure they make a positive start to the year. This is representative of the efforts and determination of Year 10 in being successful in their studies . Aside from their academic studies Year 10 have been involved with leadership, enrichment and community activities. Jassia K (10Y) and Matas L (10Y) who are our student council representatives met with the other members of the student council and shared some of the successes of last year including installing basketball hoops on the court and having cricket nets being currently built on the field. Both Jassia and Matas will continue to represent Year 10 in these meetings to ensure the collective Year 10 voice is heard. Year 10 have also been involved in many enrichment clubs already this year. Mr Scott’s History club is one that has been busy each week with students enjoying the opportunity to explore history outside of the curriculum. In addition, Year 10 boys’ basketball team have competed against Kingsley Academy with an outstanding win of 38-14. All the boys worked well as a team and Amrit W (10G) was voted the player of the match. Outside of school we have also had several students who have had great achievements, specifically Andrew R (10R) raised over £500 for SSAFA, the armed forces charity, by completing a charity walk through London. We have also had sporting success outside of school for Amrit W (1OG) and Rageh Jamaac (10Y) who have been winning matches for their team Gymkana Football Club. I was also incredible proud of 10W in their leadership of the Year 10 assembly this term on Black History Month where they were able to shine a light on the link and history between Britain and people of African descent. White house showed leadership and confidence while reminding us of the importance of Black History to our community and our Hestonian values of respect and equality. I look forward to being able to share with you many more academic, leadership and enrichment successes from Year 10. Miss Strachan, Learning Co-Ordinator YEAR 11 As always, our Year 11 students face a challenging year ahead preparing for their upcoming GCSE examinations. Year 11 Tutors and Miss D'Lima have been very proud to see the excellent approach our students have taken to their studies, with nearly 90% of students completing all work set over the summer holidays in preparation for September mock examinations. This thorough revision will certainly place them in good stead for the next round of mocks. Recently, students received their mock examination grades and later in that week, teachers met with parents to discuss progress. Thanks to our parents who attended this event, showing a real engagement in the process helping students to achieve their full potential. Each Tutor Group is supported by a member of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT), who deliver a PSHE lesson each half-term helping students to reflect on their commitment to revision. SLT leads will be taking their next session on our upcoming Exam Preparation Day, all students will have a personalised timetable for the day - the focus will be on developing their English, Mathematics and Science examination technique and revising key content. Academic support sessions have been launched by each Curriculum Area, with attendance typically at 90%, again evidencing the commitment and engagement of the year group. Some students have also been targeted for additional tutoring in Maths and Science by high-achieving Post 16 students. Students have been very positive about this experience, commenting on the excellent support offered by their Post 16 tutor. Later in this term, we will also be running resilience workshops for targeted students struggling to complete mock examinations, a workshop for parents on supporting their child in Year 11 as well as Business Breakfasts for some of our Most Able students to meet with their counterparts in Year 12 and 13. In addition to their academic studies, Year 11 have been involved in a vast array of extracurricular activities. I would like to personally commend Ben Rixon, who raised over £500 for the charity SSAFA by participating in an impressive 14 mile walk, as well as the 18 Year 11s who were recently published in a collection of writing by young women in the local area, titled 'Perspectives'. Well done, Year 11, for your hard work this half-term - I look forward to celebrating your continued success in the spring. Ms Jassal, Learning Co-Ordinator YEAR 13 Our current year 13s are well underway to emulate the success of our 2023 cohort. Students have been exposed to a range of external speakers such as ASK and CardiffMet to ensure our students can make informed decisions for their next steps. This year, the school has purchased a subscription for all our students to use Up Learn, a revolutionary online learning and revision platform for A Level subjects. Students now have access to hundreds of online video lessons and exam preparation materials to ensure they are well prepared for their examination. Furthermore, our long-standing partnership with academic consultant Peter Rowling continues in order to provide ongoing support for our early applicants in Medicine and Oxbridge. Peter has been offering one to one interview support and adv i ce to strengthen their preparedness for r igorous admissions interviews at highly competitive universities. Additionally, our dedicated team of teachers continues to provide bespoke support to students after school as well as during lessons. Students are grateful for the opportunity to attend Extended School, which runs from 15:00 to 16:30 on Tuesday to Thursday and offers a productive study space ahead of their upcoming mock assessments. Mr Naqvi Learning Co-Ordinator

8 POETRY WORKSHOP Fifteen aspiring poets from across KS3 visited Lampton School to meet published poet, Neal Zeller. Zeller explained how he uses poetry as therapy but also for fun, performing a range of his own poems covering topics as diverse as frustration on tube trains, to a fear of dark alleyways, to a love of peanut butter! Zeller coached each student, giving them the freedom to really express themselves. The finished poems showed emotional maturity and courage; they were also beautifully accomplished in terms of technical skill. Some will be published in the next issue of the Heston Voice and we hope they will resonate with all of our readers. “I really enjoyed the trip because we learnt more about poetry and different types of poems. We also got to write our own poems, which I found fun - I wrote mine about clowns! We listened to poems being read aloud and even performed a choral reading of some poems, too. At the end, we got to read our poems in front of other students and teachers, which pushed me out of my comfort zone. Overall, I found the trip interesting and educating.” Kaia Hall, 9Y HESTON’S ANNUAL SPOOKY STORY COMPETITION The Spooky Story competition was for students to demonstrate their creative writing skills by creating and submitting a short horror story to scare the reader. My spooky story about a deranged taxi experience was inspired by common fears of abandonment, desolation and terrors of the unknown. Along with the other competitors, I was awarded pizza, sweets and fun games at an exclusive Halloween party along with a scary party bag. There are a multitude of benefits from participating in competitions like this, from testing your creative abilities to opportunities to showcase your talents and compare your writing style with peers. ‘October’ by Eva Chan, winning entry: It was a chilling, moonless night in the eerie heart of October, a young girl named Hayami found herself walking home after a failed sleepover at midnight. She remembered the extremely harsh words of her friend’s mother just before Hayami was forced out of the house. The wind howled. Then it was deadly silent. Hayami grunts occasionally under the weight of her belongings. She stared up at the dark starry sky. The streets lay in darkness, shrouded by a thick fog that seemed to claw at her, as if it had a life of its own. The grass danced around under the influence of the wind, Hayami eventually got tired of walking and reached into her pocket to grab her phone. She called her father; he answered the phone. “Hello?”, she said but there was no response before the line went dead. She then called her mother. This time it didn’t even ring. Her mother’s phone must be off, she sighed and continued walking along the residential street which appeared devoid of life. A taxi suddenly drove past her causing her to have an epiphany. She would summon an Uber to whisk her away from the desolation. She opened the Uber App and booked a car. Within minutes, a car arrived, its headlights piercing through the inky blackness like twin beams of hope. She climbed into the car and gladly sat in the front beside the driver for company. Upon her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit interior, Hayami noticed the car looked strange. The rear and side windows were blacked out to such a degree, no one could see in or out. The interior of the car was anything but ordinary. It was as if the very essence of her nightmares had taken form within those leather seats. The air inside was thick and musty, like the stale breath of an ancient tomb. As the car was still stationary, Hayami contemplated on getting out when… Click. and empty, black beads devoid of humanity. Just then, Hayami blacked out… to read the rest of Eva’s story, please visit the school website. ‘In the mirror’ by Amelia Salkanovic You have always been a light sleeper, but the thunderstorm raging outside is making it impossible for you to fall asleep. You toss and turn in your bed, trying to find a comfortable position, but every time you close your eyes, another crash of thunder jolts you awake. The storm seems to be getting closer and louder, as if it is angry with you for some reason. You lay there, eyes open and outward, looking at your room stretching out before you in oblong shadows. The lightning flashes intermittently, casting eerie shapes on the walls and ceiling. Your eyes move from nameless object to object, until you reach your mirror, sitting adjacent to you across the room. Tonight, the mirror seems different. It seems darker, more sinister, as if it is hiding something from you. You stare at it, trying to see your reflection, but the glass is too dim and murky. You wonder if you should get up and turn on the light, but you are too afraid to move. To find the full story, please visit the school website.

9 ‘The darkness’ by Maryam Ali Susan was just walking home from the party; all alone. It was already 3:30AM. She had already spent too much timewith her friends -8 hours. She was so tired, not fully in her senses. As she looked around, she realised the streets were menacingly dark and still, its threatening silence promising something bad; relying on the occasional lightning to light up the dim skies she walked faster. Then she saw something. A dark silhouette lurking in the shadows of the night. Was she imagining it? Was she hallucinating or just seeing things in the dark? No, she wasn't. She was sure of it. she saw it again. There it was. Right Infront of her. Her now bulging eyes looked up only to find a figure tall and thin, stooped with a huge bony head too big for its shoulders. Its large black eyes were set in deep hollow sockets and the skin was pulled so tight on his head that it resembled a skull. For a moment she felt faintly ridiculous because by the next stroke of lightning, it was gone. For the full story, please visit the school website. NATIONAL POETRY DAY National Poetry Day took place on 05 October and helped us explore relevant topics related to 'refuge' and the diverse beliefs related to this. An amazing example of a beautiful poem that explores these themes is Roger Robinson's 'A Portable Paradise'. This literature-based event was open to all year groups from Year 7 all the way to Year 13 and even extended to the teachers, which created an inspiring learning environment for us. We participated in creating beautiful short pieces of poetry about what refuge means to us, not only what home is but also how it feels to be safe. Ms Currie read out her favourite poem and Mrs Kyriacou displayed many poems in the LRC. Honestly, this was a wonderful experience for students and staff to analyse and to raise awareness of countries that are not as fortunate as us to be safe with no looming threats of war or civil conflicts and to explore the wider theme of refuge through diverse poetry. David Tamba, 11Y HESTON STUDENTS BECOME PUBLISHED AUTHORS AND POETS The book launch of ‘Perspectives’ was a celebration of the diverse and powerful voices of female students from different backgrounds and experiences. It was a wonderful experience to see the work of 18 Heston Students published in the book, alongside talented writers from other local Schools. ‘Perspectives’, was not only a showcase of the creative talents of the female students, but a platform for raising awareness and dialogue on the issues that affect them and their communities. ‘Perspectives’ was a testament to the power of writing and art as a form of expression, empowerment, and activism. Thank you to Hounslow Action Youth [HAY] and Ms Kyriacou for arranging this amazing opportunity. Hanaya Singh, 11R and Renaya Singh, 11P Students published: Suchi Nair, Gurleen Kataria, Laiba Aamir, Suriya Acharya Thiara, Leila Gantan, Hanaya Singh, Renaya Singh, Mancy Dutt, Navvya Makwana, Senna Brar, Kimpreet Bal, Neda Noorzai, Simrit Bharj, Riteka Bagha, Sundus Rabi, Patricia Balasa, Fakhria Shekhali, Natalia Baranowska

10 RECOMMENDED READS On 21st November, Year 12 students Arshil Warsi, Rianna Ludhra and Sara Daci delivered a fantastic assembly to Year 10 and 11 students about the importance of reading, not only to building skills in English but to developing empathy and cultural capital. Pl ease see t hei r recommended reads be l ow f r om t he presentation they gave in assembly, along with a suggestion from Ms Jassal and Ms Strachan. M s S t r a c h a n recommends ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett “ T h i s i s m y recommended read for the autumn term as I have recently re-read and enjoyed this story. I enjoyed this novel because it encourages people of all ages, races and rel igions to appreciate who they are and what makes them unique as an individual. By highlighting the ways in which racism pervaded every aspect of social life in 1960’s USA, the writer shines a light on the idea that there is no shame in being proud of who you are. After you have read the novel, you can also enjoy the film which is available on many streaming sites!” STUDENT RECOMMENDED BOOKS “I would recommend ‘The Kite Runner’ because it shows social class and life in another country.” Pavandeep Lali, 8 Yellow “I would recommend ‘The Turn of the Screw’ because it is a gripping tale about the supernatural and insanity.” Miss Ghatore “I would recommend ‘If We Were Villains’ because it is Shakespearean yet modern.” Malaika Abbas, 13A “I would recommend ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes because it is not your stereotypical love story. It is an emotional rollercoaster but really enjoyable to see it all play out.” Sienna Mahay, 13B Suggested reads – for emotions and feelings Stay a Little Longer by Bali Rai Aman’s father died and she is struggling with his loss when she meets a kind man, Gurman, who befriends her. This story is very accessible for dyslexic readers – however, it contains themes of suicide and homophobia. Reading age: 8+ Mind Your Head by Juno Dawson In this upfront and accessible book, Juno Dawson tackles all things mental health. Reading age: 12+ Suggested reads – around the world The Jungle by Pooja Puri The story of a young African refugee, Mico, and his struggles in ‘The Jungle’ – a notorious, makeshift refugee camp in Calais, France. Reading age: 12+ Just Like Tomorrow by Faiza Guene The story of a Moroccan immigrant, Doria, living in Paris. Reading age: 13+

11 ENRICHMENT KICKS OFF WITH A BANG! Our Autumn Term enrichment offer this year has continued to provide students with a range of extracurricular experiences including 19 sport and fitness clubs, and over 45 curriculum led clubs and societies. Students have represented the school valiantly in league fixtures and have kept the spirit of ‘community’ alive at our school. Heston School Choir and the newly formed A Capella Choir shows that the demand for music as part of the enrichment offer is growing form strength to strength. In response to this, we have most recently welcomed a specialist singing coach to work with students in preparation for upcoming performances. Staff, students, parents and carers enjoyed the annual staging of the Culture Fusion Show hosted and planned by Post 16 students and supported by the entire school. The launch of societies brought super- curricular opportunities for KS4 and KS5 students exploring Criminology, Literary, Medical fields and more. Students take the initiative to put themselves forward to prepare and present in their respective societies weekly, refining their employability skills and readiness for life beyond school. For example, in the Engineering Society a diligently prepared presentation preceded a debate examining the environmentally damaging yet potentially life- changing use of 3D printers. Key Stage 4 and 5 students are making good use of the refurbished and highquality weights room facilities to build and maintain their fitness supported by specialist instructors. A special mention here for the most resilient who continued to train and attend some of the most gruelling sessions towards the end of term. Students can all look forward to a range of new clubs and activities set to join the Spring Enrichment Timetable in addition to their favourite clubs from the Autumn Term. It would have been best to keep all new clubs as a New Years surprise, but one can be shared – The Heston DJ Club. The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie A collection of short stories exploring Nigerian immigration to America, loss and identity. Reading age: 15+ Suggested reads - non-fiction A Time Traveller's Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything by Ian Flitcroft. In this quirky, fantastical graphic novel, Albert Einstein is at your service to guide you through time and space on a beam of light. Reading age: 10+ Ms Jassal recommends: ‘Shame’ by Sarbjit Atwal. Here is the blurb: In 1998, Sarbjit Athwal was called by her husband to attend a family meeting. An attractive house in west London, a large dining room, two brothers, their mother, one wife. But the subject they were discussing was anything but ordinary. At the head of the group sat the elderly mother. She stared proudly around, smiling at her children, then raised her hand for silence. ‘It’s decided then,’ the old lady announced. ‘We have to get rid of her.’ After the killing, risking her own life, Sarbjit fought secretly for justice for nine long, scared years. As a result of her testimony, the trial led to the first successful prosecution of an honour killing without the body ever b e i n g f o u n d . Miss Jassal says: “This is a book which I have enjoyed reading for a number of reasons. This is a true story based on events which occurred in the area we all know - Heston, Hounslow. It highlights how honour systems within family a n d c o m m u n i t y dynamics can cause someone serious harm. ‘Shamed’ is a story of fear and of horror – but a l so of immense courage, and a woman who risked everything to see that justice was done.

12 GYMKHANA FOOTBALL CLUB B o t h A m r i t Webra and Rageh Jamaac play for the G ymk h a n a F C i n Osterley. Amrit has been playing for them for three years and Rageh for two. This team is in the Premier L e a g u e f o r t h e Middlesex division. “For this team, I play left wing and we played a London Cup game where I assisted once and scored once. Whi le playing this game, I feel as though I h a v e s h o w n resilience, as they are a challenging side to play and I didn’t give up even when it was tough. I really enjoy being part of this team and will continue to play throughout my GCSE studies.” Amrit Webra, 10G “I play center-mid for this team and in the last game I scored once and assisted Amrit in his goal. I enjoy playing for this t eam as I have ambi t ions to play football professionally and as I get older. The game was physical and I had to get stuck in, but I am proud of the 4-3 results.” Rageh Jamaac, 10Y SPORTS NEWS Year 7 Boys Football v Rivers: Won 4-2 Year 8 Boys Football v Bolder: Lost 6-0 Match Report: Year 7 Boys Football v Rivers Academy The second game of the season for the year 7 team saw a visit from Rivers Academy. The match kicked off and 3 minutes in came the first chance for Heston. Roshan laid the ball off to Enva, who passed to Zak on the wing, who calmly placed his shot into the bottom right corner of the goal . 1-0 Heston. Roshan was doing an excellent job controlling the midfield and directing play. Roashan crossed the ball to Raphael who volleyed the ball to score the second goal of the match. Rivers then started to test the Heston defence but defenders and Alex and Cezar stopped a number of shots. It was an unfortunate goal keeping mistake which was pounced on by Rivers for their first goal. Half -time came, Heston remained up 2-1. The second half started and changes were made by both teams. Both teams tested each other’s goalkeepers with a number of shots early in the second half. Shots continued back and forth from both teams and Rivers was first to score in the second half, bringing the score level 2 -2. Rivers continued to dominate play early into the half. Heston made a couple of substitutions which helped to turn the game. Roshan linked up again with Enva, who held the ball up for Raphael who smashed the ball onto the crossbar but then down into the goal . 3-2 Heston! Rivers attacked again looking for an equaliser. Cezar intercepted the ball passing down the line to Zak, who crossed the ball to Enva. Enva who controlled the ball well under pressure, turned and struck the ball into the bottom corner to help secure the win 4 -2. Raphael Conner, 7B Year 7 Heston team Zak Vohra, Cezar Stavarachi, Alex Princ, Roshan Madhas, Rapheal Conner (Captain), JaIden Verma (GK), Zayd Rahman (GK), Clive Menezes, Enver Daci, Krone Mwanua, Lucas Sousa Girls Football and Netball Club Updates Netball with Miss Hunter has been fun and interactive. We do fun skill -based activities that prepare us for our games with demonstrations helping our understanding and knowledge. There has been a fantastic turnout of girls from Year 7 all the way to year 11 involved in playing with the club this year - which is lovely to see. The commitment has been positive with lots of new faces. Girls' football has had a good start to the year with lots of new girls attending the club. The groups are split; Year 7 is coached by Miss Reynolds and the junior and senior teams coached by Miss Seremba. This gives us time to practice with our teammates before our upcoming fixtures after half-term. I have enjoyed both of these clubs and am excited about the year ahead for girls' clubs. Paige Williams, 11O

13 Year 10 Basketball v Kingsley - Won 38-14 The first game league game for Year 10’s saw a win for Heston. Some good open-court play from Amrit and Rageh, kept a good supply to Matas who was dominant under the basket, scoring 28 points. Lots of positives were taken from this game and the team will look to build on this performance in further games. Player of the match for Heston. Amrit Webra, Matas Luksas, 10Y Team Adnaan Abdi, Amrit Webra, Matas Luksas, Kamram Merchant, Joshwa Henry, Rageh Jaamac, Emmanuel Satta, Ahmed-Hadi Abdi [Y8] Year 9 Netball v St Marks Lost 3-1 The game against St Marks was nice and fun and even though we lost, I think we played fantastically and each one of us played with passion. We all played as a team and not one of us gave up and in our next game we will play like we've never lost. Player of the match for Heston. Sonia Arora, Erika Gridan, 8B Team Elena Nedelshavic [Y9], Unnathi Sanyasi [Y9], Sonia Arora [Y7], Bianca Bolbocean [Y7], Migle Berankyte [Y8], Arushi Vashisht [Y8], Erika Gridan [Y8], Sahjepreet Kaur [Y8], Pearl Kaur [Y8] Year 7 Football v Reach Academy Draw 4-4 A slow first half saw Reach take an early lead. Heston came back with a goal from a corner scored by Zak. A few defensive mistakes saw Reach score a second goal in the first half. At half time, Heston was losing 2-1. The second half saw a much better performance from the team. As a team, they looked to pressure the Reach team more. This created more shooting opportunities for the team. Heston scored the next goal. A cross from Raphael which was then scored by Roshan. Reach then struck with two more goals. Heston was down 4-2 with 10 minutes to play. Heston rallied with a good individual goal from Enver, dribbling through the defence to score Heston's third. The final goal came with one minute to play from a corner with Ahmad scoring the final goal to draw the game 4-4. Player of the game for Heston. Enver Daci, XX Team Rashad Ahmed, Raphael Connor, Enver Daci, Ahmed Grama, Roshan Madhas, Krone Mwanza, Stephen Ojedele, Alex Princ, Cezar Stavarachi , Jaiden Verma, Zak Vohra CHARITY WALK FOR SSAFA A few friends from Scouts and I completed a charity walk from Osterley Library for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. We set off from Osterley at 07:30am and walked through Chiswick, Hammersmith, and Kensington; we passed many landmarks to reach SSAFA HQ in Central London. After our 14 and a half mile walk, we were able to have our photos taken with two Beefeaters from the Tower of London. We asked family and friends to sponsor us so that we could give SSAFA a donation that would go to a good cause. We raised £554 in total, which will go towards service men and women and their families, as well as veterans. After doing this charity walk, I felt a great amount of pride as I knew what I had done would go towards helping people who look after our countries and support people world-wide. Andrew Rixon, 10R

14 MORE ABLE EVENING The More Able Evening was the perfect opportunity for the parents of students aiming for Grade 7-9 or As and A*s to improve their awareness of the steps they must take to ensure their children reach their maximum academic potent ial. From Year 7 to Year 12, this evening has always been effective in providing an insight into the resources and opportunities that are available to us, so we can really push ourselves into achieving the top grades. I particularly enjoyed the keynote speech from a former student, Jasleen Kapoor. She provided us with a story of the journey into her career. Mr Ghataura gave a talk on how parents can support the younger students in staying focused on their academics, but also setting achievable and realistic goals. For Key Stage 4 and 5, we had the opportunity to talk to ex-Heston students and received valuable advice on how to revise efficiently and how to balance social and academic life. Overall, the evening was educational and provided a clear understanding of how parents and their children can work in tandem with each other to achieve the best that they can. Sara Daci, 12G POST 16 OPEN EVENING "This evening’s Open Evening was fantastic. I learnt a lot about the Post-16 options offered at Heston and gained an insight into the subjects I might choose. Our school offers a wide range of subjects, from humanities, sciences to art and graphic communication. Personally, I was more interested in Arts and Maths, so I went to those rooms first and achieved a wider perspective on what the course work is like along with the specification. As well as A Level courses, I made sure to learn more about the BTECs offered and it is reassuring to know that, as well as doing a BTEC, you can also pursue an A Level. Overall, this open evening was quite useful and informative and makes me feel more confident about the future and what I aspire to do after obtaining my GCSEs." Mancy Dutt, 11P Overall, the Sixth Form Open Evening was incredibly insightful for those curious about the courses that they are considering taking after GCSEs. Both internal and external students were able to visit different classrooms, each specialising in different courses available at Heston, such as ALevel Chemistry, History, BTEC Business, etc. The teachers guided us through the summary of content on their chosen course, and its curriculum. There were also fellow Post -16 students who answered our concerns about workload, as well as how they manage and utilise their study periods. As a Year 11 student, I feel that it has widened my understanding and knowledge of the possible pathways I could take after my GCSEs. Ilhan Abdullahi, 11Y I was thrilled to share my experiences of transitioning from GCSEs to A Levels with students and with their parents. I reassured parents that whilst the workload was significant, the expert guidance of teachers and the Post 16 Team made the transition seamless for us all. Manshveer Longani 12C Deputy Head Boy