Rewards & Sanctions

 Girl readingVisitors often comment on the calm environment of the School which is something we are proud of. This environment is the result of the desire of students to learn and teachers to make that learning experience interesting and enjoyable.

Good sense and self-discipline should prevail at all times. We expect our students to do well and have a positive reward system for academic achievement and effort reflected in prizes and good results.

School Reward Shop is a more informal rewards system. Students are rewarded regularly by all their class teachers to acknowledge positive learning and behaviour. As students save up their reward points they are able to purchase items from the shop. This is a system that rewards all students for making good choices rather than a few who might stand out.

Discipline is firm, fair and consistent. When punishment needs to be administered, it usually consists of a reprimand, detention, referral to a senior member of staff or a warning letter. Exclusions, either internal or when students are asked to stay away from school for a set time are also used for serious offences. On rare occasions, when a member of the Senior Leadership Team is involved, parents may be invited to the School to discuss particular issues.


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