Pupil Premium

 Students arriving at schoolWhat is it?

The Pupil Premium is funding which all schools receive for any student who is currently, or has been at any point over the past 6 years, in receipt of free school meals. This funding is used to accelerate the progress of these students.

How much does our school get?

The Pupil Premium for the 2016 to 2016 school year is £935 per student. Funding is also provided for looked after Children Looked After (CLA) at £1900 per student.

Year Group

Number of Pupil Premium students

Proportion of Pupil Premium students

Year 7



Year 8



Year 9



Year 10



Year 11











The proportion of our students eligible for the Pupil Premium compared with the national average.
















How is the Pupil Premium Grant spent?

At Heston Community School we endeavour to involve parents and carers of our children, asking for their ideas on what will help most.

Some students may already be doing well in their subjects, but there may be things we can do to stretch them further, or to help them aim higher and build their confidence.  Planned activities such as university visits, aspirational workshops or enrichment days have been put in place to develop social and team building skills. Some students may need financial help so that they can take part in activities and trips.

The money is also being targeted for students who may be underachieving in the core subjects, English or Mathematics, and we have created a programme of study delivered through Saturday classes in order to support these students. We have chosen the strategies that educational research has shown to work best in supporting student progress.

What did we spend the funds on last year and what was the impact?

Based on our provisional Year 11 exam results there has been a widening of the gap between our pupil premium students and all other students. 

 Attainment gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students


2014 -2015

2015 – 2016*

 Progress 8



 Attainment 8



 Progress 8 English component



 Progress 8 Mathematics component



 Progress 8 EBACC component



 Progress 8 Open component



 % of students achieving EBACC – subject entry



 % of students achieving a C or above in English & Mathematics



*Provisional results

Here are some of the strategies we are planning to have in place in the academic year 2016- 17





 Additional staffing  for English and  Mathematics

·  To allow for setting

·  To reduce class sizes

·  Track, Monitor & run interventions for students


 Year 7-8  registration literacy  and numeracy  activities

·  To support students in extending their   literacy and numeracy skills


 Accelerated Reader  -  KS3

·   To raise literacy levels

·   Improve reading skills

·   To widen vocabulary

·   To encourage reading for pleasure


 Booster classes and  alternative  qualifications for  Year 11

·   Securing additional qualifications delivered in the holidays and over weekend lessons



 Allocated funding  for Learning  Coordinators

 To purchase:

·   Equipment

·   Uniform

·   student well being

·   enrichment activities.


Extra-Curricular/ Enrichment

 Allocated finding  for Curriculum  Leaders

 To purchase:

·   resources

·   revision guides

·   specialist equipment

·   targeted subject interventions

·   educational trips and visits.


 Breakfast Club

 Breakfast provided for vulnerable students every day in  our school canteen



 Curriculum Area  Interventions &  Support  Programmes

 Links with Russell group Universities

 External Speakers to look at future aspirations

 Enrichment activities and trips


 Celebration evenings and rewards



 Coffee Mornings

 Informal meetings held every week for parents. Sessions are  also open for parents in collaboration with local primary  schools.


 Parental Workshops

 Workshops are provided throughout the year to support  parents in their children’s learning and how to support at  home. Sessions are also open for parents in collaboration with  local primary schools.

 Parent Forums

 Regular forums are held to inform and involve parents in  school issues



 Attendance officer



 Data Officer



 CPD – Raising achievement



 Partnership Programmes


How will parents know it is working?

We closely monitor and track student progress each term through the internal assessment and reporting cycle which allows us to see if the interventions are working.

Students who take part in interventions will be assessed at the start and end of the intervention so that we can see the difference in progress being made.

We will report to you on parent evenings, but if you would like further information about your child’s progress please contact the Learning Coordinator for their year group.

Where can I get further information?

For more information about how we plan provision and track progress please contact Ms Michelle Stone, Assistant Headteacher on mstone@hestoncs.org

Who can I speak to as a parent?

At Heston Community School we are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers; we believe strong parental support is key to student’s learning and progression.  We have the Student Services Manager, Mrs Summerell, who works directly with students and parents and is always available to support.

There are also weekly Parent Coffee Mornings and we would welcome all parents to come in for a cup of tea or coffee and an informal chat about their child and the progress that they are making.  The School also holds Parent Workshops throughout the year where we offer support in developing parent/carer IT skills, CV writing and strategies to support children’s behaviour.

How do I know if my child is entitled to Free School meals?

As you can see the funding we receive for students on Free School Meals is used to support their achievement and progress.  If you think your child may be entitled to Free School Meals, or if you need to reapply for this provision, then please contact Mrs Summerell in the Student Services Department (Welfare) and she will be happy to help you. ssummerell@hestoncs.org.uk


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