Parents’ Introduction

 Each year, during the Summer Term the Learning Co-ordinator for Year 7 and other key staff visit primary schools in order to meet prospective students and their teachers.

In July, prospective Year 7 students spend a day at the School when they are given the opportunity to meet their Form Tutors and are given the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Hestonian.

Later, in the evening, parents/carers of our prospective Year 7 students are invited to come to the School and are given the opportunity to share information, meet the Year 7 Learning Co-ordinator and the Year 7 Form Tutor Team as well as senior staff.

We are always keen to see parents/carers about any concerns they may have about their child’s welfare and education. In the first instance, these should be directed to the child’s Form Tutor though parents/carers should be aware that because of teaching commitments they may not always be available to deal with the matter immediately and so it is vital that appointments are made in order to ensure that parents/carers can meet at a mutually convenient time. Where a parent/carer has more serious concerns they should refer these to their child’s Learning Co-ordinator.

Academic Mentoring Day and Progress Evenings

Academic Mentoring Day is a day set aside in the Autumn Term for parents/carers and students to meet with their child’s Form Tutor in order to set annual targets.

There is also at least one Parents’/Carers’ Evening arranged for each Year Group during the Academic Year where parents/carers have an opportunity to meet with Subject Teachers in order to discuss their child's progress. It is expected that all parents/carers will attend these important events the dates of which can be found on the School Calendar on the website and invitations to attend these Evenings are sent out in advance.

Data Harvest Reports

A School Data Harvest Report is issued termly and is available via the SIMS Learning Gateway. If, on any occasion, parents/carers do not receive these Reports, they should contact the student’s Learning Co-ordinator.

Home School Agreement

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