Students in HogarthHomework is designed to aid the learning process and to train students to organise themselves and to be responsible for their own work.

In Key Stage 4, GCSE coursework forms an important part of the final examination grade.

All subjects are expected to set a reasonable amount of homework at least once a week, to mark homework regularly and to write helpful comments for improvement or commendations alongside students' work.

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Curriculum Leaders are expected to keep a check on the quantity and quality of homework given and marking undertaken by Teachers.

Tutors monitor Diaries and inform the Learning Co-ordinator of shortfalls, gaps or overloads in the amount of homework given.

Each student is issued with a Homework Diary at the beginning of each School Year.

It is very important that this diary is not defaced, damaged or lost.
Replacements cost £5.00 and can be obtained from the Student Reception.

In the Diary students record:
a) Their own daily timetable
b) Their homework timetable
c) Their lunchtime arrangements (home/sandwiches/school lunch)
d) The homework as it is set
e) Merits, detentions, attendance

For this purpose, the Diary has a double page for each week, with separate dated days which should be signed by both parents and Tutor each week.

Homework requirements are to be written on the day it is set along with the date on which it is to be handed in. Extra details can be written in exercise books. Time should be given within a lesson for homework details to be written down and checked by the Subject Teacher where necessary.

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We believe that a partnership between school and parents helps students to flourish and to this end a new system that makes it easy for both students and parents to be aware of homework instructions and deadlines was introduced across the School in September 2015.

The system enables both parents and students to view homework that has been set on line via: 


Parents have a PIN to access details of their son/daughter’s homework. This system will mean parents will be able to see all homework set and be able to support the School by helping to ensure deadlines are met.

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