Community Links

Heston Community School is very keen to be a key member of the local community and to work closely with that community in a variety of ways.

The School gained Academy status in November 2012 and discussions did take place about whether it would be appropriate to change the name of the School to reflect its new status.  Governors wanted the School to remain the School of choice for its tight-knit community and its name to reflect that desire as well as its pride in the community.

The local community is very important to the School and many links exist including:

  • Primary schools whose students move to Heston
  • Local businesses who supply the School and offer work experience for our students
  • Local Charities who are regularly supported either through the fundraising activities at the School or with more practical help from or students community service work
  • The wider community who use our facilities, either as members of Heston Community Sports Hall or who attend evening or weekend classes

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