Celebration Evening

Celebration Evening 2017 took place in the School Hall on Tuesday, 11 July at 19:00.  Despite the heavy rain, the turnout was excellent and, judging by the comments below, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Mr O’Hagan proved to be an entertaining host, ably assisted by Mr Sam Saib whose efficiency ensured all prize-winners received the correct certificates.  The Heston dancers won the hearts of the audience with their enthusiasm and energy.

It was, however, the account of our guest speaker, ex-student, Dr Arsalan Wafi, that had the greatest impact.  From the opening sentence, “I was born in Kabul”, parents and students were enthralled by the account of his journey:  finishing A Levels at Heston, going to Cambridge to read Medicine and, now, studying to become a surgeon.

Below are some of the comments on the evening:

“An amazing evening celebrating both past and present achievements that shows the way Heston truly supports and celebrates its students” - Parent


“A truly inspirational evening celebrating all the personal and academic achievements of the talented students of Heston Community School” - Parent


“Very proud mum to have her son’s future moulded in this school” - Parent


“This evening and the celebrations of the students was truly fabulous! I feel very blessed to have been a witness! Amazing work by all” – Parent Governor

“A truly magnificent evening; would want to be successful like Dr Arsalan” – Student


“Thank you for the amazing opportunities that the school has provided me with. I will remember the scaffolding this school has provided me for the future” – Student


“Thank you for the amazing opportunity that has allowed my progression in the school” – Student

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